Pandya Store 21st February 2024 Written Update New Entry

Pandya Store 21st February 2024 Written Update New Entry

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Pandya Store 21st February 2024 Written Update New Entry. Hetal suggests withdrawing from the competition due to their inability to wear a swimming costume, but Natasha disagrees and emphasizes the importance of supporting Amrish in his crisis. Chirag informs Bhaven that he needs help calculating the sacks, but Bhaven assigns him another task of picking up Golu. As Chirag is about to leave, he receives a call informing him that the media has arrived at the construction site, prompting him to leave immediately. Isha spots Natasha participating in the beauty pageant and attempts to conceal herself. Natasha discovers Isha and walks over to her, inquiring about her sudden disappearance.

Isha tells Natasha that she has been hiding because she signed up for the beauty pageant, knowing that the Makhwanas would disapprove if they found out. Natasha then informs Isha that Amrish had actually permitted them to participate, surprising her. This revelation stings Isha, remembering how she was forced to leave the house when she expressed interest in the competition earlier. She also confides in Natasha about Chiku’s support, but Suman’s refusal to let her take part in the pageant. She can’t help but feel like it’s unjust treatment towards her.

Isha tells her that her entire family is now living the dream that she sacrificed years of her life for. She wonders how Amrish agrees to this. However, for her dream to become a reality, she had to spend years staying away from home. Natasha assures her not to worry, as she will find a way to please Suman. When they reach the Pandya house, they are surprised to see Bhaven there. Isha confronts him about his presence and he becomes flustered, quickly making up an excuse about being there for mall work. Natasha notices that he is sweating profusely and asks if he is alright.

Bhaven insists that he is fine and hurries off with some excuses. Meanwhile, Dhawal receives news from his colleague regarding the top fashion designer’s arrival. The designer complains about the cheap location selected for the event and questions who would attend it. Dhawal then takes the stage, showing off his modeling skills. He charms the girl. The designer is visibly impressed as Dhawal takes her hand and leads her to the stage, where he invites her to dance with him. He refers to himself as a local boy and boasts about the beauty of the city. The designer apologizes for her earlier remarks and asks Dhawal for assistance. He agrees to help after he finishes his duties on stage. Shesh serves the food to Suman and Mittu.

Upon returning home, Natasha and Isha tease Shesh. While catching up with Suman, Mittu reveals that Chiku may be using Isha as a means of revenge and that Suman has retreated to her room because of it. Natasha enters the room and happily meets Suman before inquiring about the revenge situation. Suman confirms her suspicions that Chiku married Isha to get back at Amrish. Natasha points out Amrish’s recent sudden feminism and brings up other past incidents. Suman asks her about Dhawal. Natasha gets silent.


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