Udaariyaan 21st February 2024 Update Aasma tackles Alia

Udaariyaan 21st February 2024 Update Aasma tackles Alia

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Udaariyaan 21st February 2024 Update Aasma tackles Alia. Aasma protects the family from Raja’s attack. Alia runs to save her life. Aasma stops her. She asks her where is she running away after burning her house. She says that Alia’s sins will always chase her and she can never escape. She shows Alia’s video where she is seen attempting to kill Raja. She asks Alia to clarify to Ekam when he confronts her about her crimes. Alia begs her to keep her secret. She promises to change herself. Aasma brings Alia back into the house. She asks Alia to admit the truth to Raja and clear his mind about Gill’s family. Armaan tells the family that Aasma is his wife and he has decided to take Aasma along and leave the house. He declares that they can’t stay with the family. Alia is shocked to hear this.

Aasma tells Armaan that she doesn’t want to go. Sukhi asks him to understand that they were helpless to take such a decision because they also wanted Aasma to get love and respect in her life. Armaan apologizes to Ekam. He asks Ekam what will he punish Gill family. He says that he loves Aasma a lot. He adds that he will punish them by taking himself away from them. Aasma asks him not to overreact. She says that everyone makes mistakes, but one has to learn to forgive. Armaan packs his bags and takes Aasma with him. Rano pleads with him to forgive them. She stops him from leaving the house.

Armaan says that it’s final, they are leaving the house and they will never come back. He doesn’t want Aasma to get insulted. Aasma tells him that she is also sorrowful knowing what Rano and Sukhi have done, but it’s a sin to call their deed a mistake when they have thought of her only as their parents. She says that she doesn’t want to separate a son from his parents. She is happy to have a big family in her life. She says that Gill’s family is her dream and she will never leave them. Armaan asks Aasma to come with him and support him for the very last time. Aasma refuses him. Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan 21st February 2024. Keep reading.






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