GHKKPM 22nd February 2024 Written Update Unexpected Savi

GHKKPM 22nd February 2024 Written Update Unexpected Savi

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GHKKPM 22nd February 2024 Written Update Unexpected Savi. Surekha spots Savi leaving the house and inquires about her plans. She reminds Savi that she is not permitted to go outside. Savi explains that they had agreed not to attend classes and that she could go anywhere else instead. Furthermore, Savi shares that her scholarship has been revoked, so she needs to come up with a way to afford college. With that, Savi departs. Surekha expresses frustration at Savi’s actions and Ishaan asks for an update. Surekha fills him in on the situation while also mentioning how Savi responded when questioned about it.

Ishaan speculates that perhaps Savi went to the hospital to see Harini. The team leader explains to all job seekers that the salary for this position is Rs 12,000, with an 8-hour shift. Along with emphasizing the importance of treating customers like gods, the team leader also mentions that arriving late or taking unannounced leave will result in a salary deduction. Additionally, employees are only entitled to a 10-minute break. Most of the applicants decide not to pursue the job after hearing these conditions, but Savi remains interested. The team leader then takes her to a cafe and offers her a trial period for today.

After agreeing, Savi is introduced to Harry who briefs her on her responsibilities. Once the team leader departs, Harry provides Savi with a uniform and instructs her to start working. Savi has no option but to do a job to support her studies and also undertake the medical expenses of Harini’s treatment. Ishaan gets busy jotting down notes for Savi, while the lecturer inquires about his task. He bluntly tells Savi that it’s not her concern. Meanwhile, Savi efficiently tends to all the customers. Impressed by her skills, the team leader and Harry offer her a job. Grateful, Savi expresses her gratitude to Harry.

Later, Ishaan tries to reach out to Savi but she is occupied with work and unable to answer his call. Yashwant discusses the reception guest list with Nishikant, who then mentions having prepared a presentation for medical college. Yashwant reassures him that Ishaan will handle it, asking Nishikant not to stress about it. This upsets Nishikant as he feels Yashwant is favoring Ishaan over him. Harry urges Savi to have something to eat and asks if she has any concerns about the job, to which Savi replies in the negative. How will Savi’s job bring a shock to the Bhosle family? Keep reading.


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