Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2024 Written Update RV visits Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2024 Written Update RV visits Purvi

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2024 Written Update RV visits Purvi. Dada ji tells RV that his close friends are coming home to meet Purvi. He wants to introduce Purvi to them. He asks RV when is he going to bring Purvi home. RV is upset. Khushi tells Purvi that she is there to handle everything. She adds that she has taken some measures and fixed everything. Purvi asks her what is she talking about. Khushi calls the guests home to fix Purvi’s alliance. Purvi is surprised to know about the alliance. RV lands there to meet Purvi. He finds the guests speaking to Purvi and praising her. He thinks Khushi has told the truth. Will RV realize his mistake of seeing Purvi getting distant from him? Keep reading.

As seen before, Purvi is overwhelmed by thoughts of RV’s betrayal and becomes emotional. Diya offers to speak with her, but Purvi insists on staying with the family. She tries to hide her tears from Diya, while RV is also struggling with his own emotions. He keeps the situation to himself and avoids telling Vikrant about it. However, Vikrant notices something is off and encourages RV to confide in him. RV declares that he will not let anything affect his business and believes in creating his destiny rather than relying on fate. Vikrant finds this behavior unusual and presses him for more information. Meanwhile, Monisha arrives and takes RV away, while Diya attempts to reach out to him, sensing that something is wrong due to Purvi’s sadness. However, RV ignores her call and Divya advises Diya to relax before the potential groom arrives for their meeting.

Harleen asks about Harman’s whereabouts, causing Dadi to joke about him perhaps sneaking off to eat cake. Everyone laughs but Monisha shares that she wants to increase her happiness by dancing with RV. Dipika puts on some music as Monisha and RV dance together. Dada ji questions why she is so joyful when RV has already married Purvi. Dadi says the kids are quick to move on these days. However, they seem to be uncertain about Monisha. During a conversation with Purvi, Diya mentions that RV failed to answer her call. As an alternative, she dials RV’s number from Purvi’s phone, and Monisha answers. Upon finding out that RV is spending time with his relatives, Purvi becomes even more disheartened. Diya is left confused and unsure of the situation at hand.

Kumkum Bhagya 24th February 2024 Written Update RV visits Purvi:

RV inquires about Monisha’s presence and she responds by choosing a dress from his wardrobe and suggesting he wear it. She then asks him about their wedding plans, to which he reminds her that it has already been decided. Despite her impatience, Monisha eventually agrees to wait and expresses her excitement to become Monisha RV Malhotra. She then departs the room, leaving Dadaji to ask RV about bringing Purvi back home. He also mentions wanting to introduce Purvi to some of his acquaintances. Dadaji reminds RV of the urgency, stating that Purvi should be here for tomorrow’s lunch.

With this in mind, Dadaji takes his leave from the room. Purvi confides in Diya about a recent argument with RV, revealing that it was quite serious. She expresses her reluctance to discuss the matter further. Diya questions why RV hasn’t attempted to reconcile with Purvi if they did disagree. Unable to understand the situation, Diya agrees not to disclose their conversation to anyone else in the house when Prachi calls for her. Meanwhile, RV is seen thinking about Purvi in his sleep and later remembers Khushi’s ultimatum that he will not allow her to dictate his life. When Khushi notices Purvi is not in her room, she assumes she went to see RV and informs her of this belief when they meet.

However, Purvi clarifies that she has no intention of talking to RV until he acknowledges his mistake. In response, Khushi assures Purvi that she handled the situation and embraces her without explaining further. As RV drives to the office in his car, Dadaji reaches out to him and inquires about Purvi’s arrival. RV feigns a network issue and Dadaji reminds him that he can only enter the house with Purvi, otherwise, he is not welcome. Meanwhile, Prachi’s family prepares to meet Diya’s potential groom. Prachi checks in with Diya on her readiness and Divya shares her thoughts.

Praising Diya’s appearance, Prachi mentions that Manpreet has alerted them about the groom’s family possibly arriving soon. To avoid any delay, Purvi swiftly brings Diya into the house as their guests have already arrived. Prachi’s family welcomes Soham and his family into their home. They engage in conversation with Soham’s parents while Purvi brings Diya to meet them. She then graciously serves refreshments for everyone. As RV arrives at the doorstep, he observes the interaction, assuming that Purvi is considering a potential suitor as per Khushi’s advice.

Soham’s mother expresses their long-standing desire to have Diya as their daughter-in-law and is grateful for the opportunity to finally make it happen. Not noticing Diya, RV mistakenly believes that Soham’s mother is speaking to Purvi, and remembering Khushi’s warning, he decides to leave. RV can’t help but think that Purvi must be searching for a suitable groom after her wedding was called off by Khushi.


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