Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd February 2024 Written Update Awaited twist

Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd February 2024 Written Update Awaited twist

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Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd February 2024 Written Update Awaited twist. Angad wonders who might be supplying Sahiba with this drug. Upon hearing a noise outside his room, he cautiously steps out to investigate. In the distance, a person wearing a hoodie catches his attention. Curiosity gets the best of Angad and he decides to follow them. Meanwhile, Seerat notices Angad has left the room and fears that once Sahiba receives her final dose of this drug, it will be “game over” for her. As she sees Angad pursuing the hoodie person outside, Garry interrupts Seerat’s attempt to re-enter and questions her presence there.

Seerat explains that she was checking on her sister, Sahiba. However, Garry skeptically reminds her of her previous insistence on sending Sahiba to a mental asylum. This disagreement leads to an argument between Seerat and Garry until he ultimately tells her to leave. Angad arrives at the security checkpoint and is informed that no one has entered or exited the house. Veer inquires with Seerat about whether the task has been completed. Seerat responds negatively. Veer explains that he had distracted Angad to ensure Seerat finishes her job. However, Seerat reveals that Garry showed up last minute and ruined their plan. Veer realizes they must administer the final dose to Sahiba regardless of the circumstances. He also acknowledges the necessity of separating Angad from Sahiba to do so.

Angad turns to Seerat and asks if this is the fresh start she desires, now that Sahiba is no longer a factor. Just then, Sahiba calls out for Angad. He halts her and turns to Seerat, wondering if this is the answer she’s been seeking from him. With a cold expression, Angad reminds Seerat of his promise to always take care of her. But he quickly adds that she doesn’t deserve it and forcefully escorts her to their doorstep. He declares that he will fulfill his promise, but not in the way she had hoped. And with that, Angad pushes Seerat out of the house. In tears, Seerat pleads with Angad to not inflict further pain on a woman who has already suffered enough in love. Keep reading for Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd February 2024 Written Update.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 23rd February 2024 Written Update Awaited twist:

Veer reprimands Seerat for failing to drug Sahiba. Seerat explains that Garry arrived before she had a chance to do so. Veer then inquires about Garry’s knowledge of the packet, to which Seerat responds negatively. Realizing that they need to get Angad out of the house and drug Sahiba, Veer suggests this plan to Seerat. The following day, Angad brings Sahiba down for breakfast and wonders who else could have been in the family if neither he nor anyone else had left or entered the house.

Angad announces that he has arranged packaged food for Sahiba, and encourages her to serve it. However, Sahiba declines, stating that she doesn’t have an appetite at the moment. Angad persists, reminding her of the importance of taking her medication with a proper meal. Manveer interjects and questions why Sahiba can’t simply eat what they are having. In response, Angad explains that her doctor has prescribed a specific diet and therefore he ordered food from outside. Inder shares with the family that Simran’s school is hosting a Ramayan play and she hopes everyone can attend. However, Manveer declines, remembering the previous incident where she was kidnapped by Simran’s goons.

Simran insists that this time it is just a drama and requests the presence of all family members. Sahiba agrees to go, but Manveer rudely states that Sahiba will only cause drama and should not attend. Angad suggests checking with the doctor first, while Seerat seizes the opportunity to suggest Sahiba rest at home instead. Simran becomes worried when she notices the deer is missing and shares her concerns with Seerat, who advises her to ask for a replacement from Angad and Sahiba. Simran agrees and goes to Angad, who goes out to purchase a new deer. Meanwhile, Veer sabotages the heater by adding powder that will supposedly end Sahiba’s story forever. Later in the day, everyone prepares for the event, with Sahiba planning to go with Angad while Jasleen and Garry stay back.

However, Sahiba tells them to go with the rest of the family as she needs time to get ready. As soon as everyone leaves, Veer and Seerat share a mischievous smile. After purchasing a deer, Angad heads towards his house and informs Sahiba that he will reach home in half an hour. However, Sahiba tells him that the rest of the family has already left and suggests he give the deer to Simran before picking her up. Without any delay, Angad follows her suggestion. Meanwhile, Sahiba gets ready for the play while Seerat turns on the heater. As powder starts spreading in the air, Sahiba feels thirsty and grabs a bottle of water from her bag to quench her thirst. Unfortunately, she still feels uncomfortable and decides to rest on the sofa for a bit. On his way home, Angad stops at a red light where he is approached by a woman selling flowers. Thinking of Sahiba’s love for flowers, he buys one in hopes of lifting her spirits.


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