Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Update Amazing

Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Update Amazing

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Anupama 24th February 2024 Written Update Amazing. Anupama saves Aadhya from the attacker. Aadhya holds her hand. Anupama asks her not to worry when her mother is with her. She holds Aadhya’s hand and takes her. Anuj looks for Aadhya. He learns about Anupama’s savior act and calls up Shruti to inform her. Anupama brings Aadhya to the restaurant. Yashdeep asks Anupama why is she so scared. Anupama asks Aadhya to have some water. She cares for her daughter. Yashdeep asks Aadhya to have some juice. He comforts Anupama as well. Anupama thanks him. He realizes that Anupama and Aadhya have faced some danger. He asks her how did this happen. Anuj is relieved that Aadhya is safe.

Anupama is glad that she reached Aadhya on time. She gets praised by Yashdeep and Vikram. She cares for Aadhya. She calls her Choti. Aadhya comes to senses and bursts her rage at Anupama. She pushes away Anupama and disrespectfully yells at her. Yashdeep asks her to not get rude to her mother. She asks him not to interfere in their family matters. She blames Anupama for Shruti’s leaving. She asks Anupama why she snatched Anuj from Shruti. Anupama weeps. Anuj and Shruti are relieved that Aadhya is with Anupama, but wish Aadhya doesn’t vent out anger on the latter.

Aadhya accuses Anupama of making her suffer. She reminds that Anupama left them for the Shah family. She asks Anupama to do anything she wants. She doesn’t want them to expect her to stay happy. Anupama stops Aadhya from misbehaving with her. She starts giving lectures to Aadhya to put some sense in her mind. She asks Aadhya to remember her limits when she talks to elders. Anuj gets stuck in a traffic jam. He worries. Anupama tells Aadhya that a mother is a punching bag or doormat to face anger and humiliation. She expresses her sorrow. She asks Aadhya to think of others’ sorrow.

She asks Aadhya if she thinks the other person is a robot who lacks human emotions. She says that Anuj has done a lot for Aadhya, who has hurt him in return. She asks her to think of Anuj. She doesn’t want Aadhya to punish Anuj. She reminds Aadhya about Anuj’s love and dedication. She asks Aadhya why is she ruling over their lives when she isn’t their mother or grandmother. She calls Aadhya a fool. She says that anything could have happened to Aadhya today. She explains the dire consequences of the attack. She feels sorry to scare her. She says that Aadhya made a big mistake by leaving the house, life isn’t an adventure, and the world is filled with bad people. She tells Aadhya that she didn’t come to the US to find Anuj.

She didn’t know Anuj and Aadhya were also in the same city, else she would have gone somewhere else. She asks Aadhya to blame the fate. She clarifies that she doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s life, because her focus is on handling her own life’s mess. She wants Anuj and Aadhya to stay happy. She expresses her pain in leaving her family behind. She couldn’t tolerate Aadhya’s hatred. She doesn’t care if Aadhya forgives her or not. She swears that she never differentiated between her children. She knows Aadhya will never believe her. She feels elated to think of the past, about meeting Aadhya for the very first time and becoming her mother. She admits that she couldn’t become a good mother to Aadhya, but loved her a lot.

She asks Aadhya to never misbehave with her. She mentions that she will never tolerate any wrong behavior or foolish acts. Anuj reaches there and finds Aadhya with Anupama. He thanks Anupama. He looks at their tense faces and understands what has happened. Shruti also reaches there. Anuj and Shruti cry for Aadhya, feeling what she went through. Anupama asks them to take their daughter home and leave. She asks them to explain to Aadhya that she isn’t coming between their relationship.

She doesn’t want Aadhya to put her life in danger. Aadhya hugs Shruti. Anuj expresses his gratitude to Anupama and takes Aadhya home. In the next episode, Yashdeep asks Anupama to dance to forget her sorrow. She agrees with his suggestion. Paritosh meets Anupama and Yashdeep. He taunts their friendship in a demeaning way. Anupama isn’t surprised to know Paritosh’s cheap mindset. She feels sorry for Yashdeep.


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