GHKKPM 24th February 2024 Written Update Soulmate

GHKKPM 24th February 2024 Written Update Soulmate

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GHKKPM 24th February 2024 Written Update Soulmate. Savi expresses her emotions to Ishaan and Reeva. She says that it’s difficult to live with such a family who hates her and opposes her every move. She adds that Reeva is everyone’s favorite and won’t understand her sorrow. She asks Reeva not to pass any comment on her behavior. She knows Ishaan and Reeva have a past, they had a relationship, but they shouldn’t make her a discussion topic. She can’t explain her situation to them. She asks them to stop seeing her mistakes in everything. Ishaan asks Savi to understand Reeva, who was just sharing a matter about his family, being concerned as a friend.

Savi tells him that Reeva made that statement in anger. She asks him to see through Reeva’s true intentions. Reeva tells Ishaan that she is worried about the reception party, Savi’s sharp-tongued behavior can become a big issue. She asks him to control Savi for the sake of his family’s respect. Ishaan gets worried.

Savi accidentally bumps into Ishaan, prompting him to remind her to stay calm for today’s reception. She agrees and attempts to reveal the truth about her job to him, but Nishikant intervenes, preventing her from doing so. While Surekha expresses her dissatisfaction with the taste of the food, Savi decides it’s best not to disclose her job to Surekha in her current temper. Wondering when the reception will begin, Savi asks Shikha who informs her that it will start at 8:00 pm and she should start getting ready at 7 pm. Noticing Savi’s inquiries, Surekha tells her to go lock herself in her room.

They leave the scene. Savi thinks she has done the right thing to keep her job a secret. She knows Surekha will never support her. Savi decides to work her usual shift until 7 pm. However, at 5 pm, Harry asks her to cover for him as his daughter is injured and needs him at home. He assures Savi that he will come in as soon as he puts his daughter to bed. Savi agrees to help out and informs her team leader that she will stay until Harry arrives. The team leader reminds Savi that she can only leave once Harry is present. Savi acknowledges this and continues with her job. Meanwhile, Asmita shows Surekha the beautiful reception dress for Savi.

Both of them decide to surprise Savi with it in her room. However, they are shocked to find out that Savi is not home. Surekha and the others scour the house in vain, unable to locate Savi. After thoroughly searching every room, Surekha checks Ishaan’s room but still can’t find her. She then calls Ishaan to inform him that Savi is not at home. Hearing this, Ishaan attempts to contact Savi himself, but she is occupied with work and her team leader confiscates her phone before she can answer. He says that she can’t take calls during work hours. Ishaan continues to call her. Savi loses her phone.

She fails to speak to him. She gets busy taking the next order. Ishaan tells Surekha that he tried to contact Savi, but couldn’t speak to her. Surekha creates a scene when Savi doesn’t come for the reception party. Savi arrives home. She apologizes for getting late. She tells Surekha that she has come before 7 PM. Surekha refuses to attend the reception. Ishaan grows worried.


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