Jhanak 24th February 2024 Written Update Jhanak's revelation

Jhanak 24th February 2024 Written Update Jhanak’s revelation

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Jhanak 24th February 2024 Written Update Jhanak’s revelation. Choton is upset seeing the family disrespecting Jhanak. Shrishti and Arshi impress the family. Shrishti tells that she has some work and has to go home. Anirudh asks Arshi to stay back. Bipasha explains the fun games they have planned for the Valentine’s party. Anirudh is excited to hear their plans. He teases his grandparents. The family shares a laugh. Jhanak’s absence makes Anirudh worried. He asks them about Jhanak. He tells Arshi that they have to keep an eye on Jhanak until she is in their house. Shrishti agrees with Anirudh that Jhanak isn’t trustworthy.

She pledges to protect Arshi’s future. Anirudh says that he doesn’t want to take any chances, if Jhanak takes sleeping pills again, then they will be charged for her suicide. The family agrees with him. Anirudh asks Choton to call Jhanak. Choton refuses him. He doesn’t agree with Anirudh’s suggestion. He prefers to support Jhanak. He says that it is okay to stay foolish when sensible people do such wrong things. He refuses to have food. Anjana asks him to have food. Shubh demeans his brothers in front of the guests. The family members get into an argument. Shubh’s insulting remarks upset his brothers who decide to leave the house. The elders ask them to forgive Shubh, who always thinks for the family’s betterment.

Lal and Bipasha refuse to leave the lavish house. He asks his parents to leave if they want. Lal doesn’t act as their son. Appu tries to cheer up Jhanak. She says that Anirudh has changed, he used to love and care for Jhanak before. Jhanak denies it. She asks Appu to have food. Appu regrets to tell her that Shubh had slapped her and insulted her parents. She feels insulted. She weeps. Jhanak asks her to think of her life and parents. Appu says that Anirudh didn’t support her this time. Appu’s parents defend her in front of the family. Shrishti asks them to stop supporting Jhanak, who had tried to end Anirudh’s life. The argument yields no result. Anirudh asks Rumi to call Appu and Jhanak for dinner.

Choton regrets that everyone has given the servant’s title to Jhanak. Anirudh asks him not to say anything. Rumi asks Jhanak to get Appu for dinner. She says that Jhanak will get paid for her work. She is sure that Anirudh has stopped Jhanak for a big reason. She humiliates Jhanak. Appu takes a stand for Jhanak. Jhanak asks Appu to stay calm. She takes Appu to the dining area. Anjana asks Jhanak to sit with everyone and have food. The family ignores Jhanak. Choton continues to show his annoyance. He tries hard to make Anirudh realize his mistake. He says that he will sit with Jhanak and have food.

Shrishti objects Choton’s move. Choton tells them that he doesn’t regard Jhanak as a servant. Anirudh asks Jhanak to have food, or else she will fall sick and become a burden on them. Jhanak refuses to have food. Shrishti bursts her anger at Jhanak. She asks Jhanak to stop creating drama in Arshi’s Sasural. She questions Jhanak about her husband. Jhanak firmly asks her to question Anirudh, who knows everything. Anirudh is helpless to lie to them. In the next episode, Anirudh makes a huge blunder at the Valentine’s party and proves his love for Jhanak.


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