Anupama 25th February 2024 Written Update Anuj's Wedding

Anupama 25th February 2024 Written Update Anuj’s Wedding

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Anupama 25th February 2024 Written Update Anuj’s Wedding. Anupama collapses to cry after Aadhya leaves. Yashdeep asks her if is she okay. She says that she loves Aadhya a lot. She worries that Aadhya might get a panic attack. She is hurt by her hatred. Yashdeep says that Aadhya will soon understand the situation. Vikram feels Anupama did the right thing by scolding Aadhya. Yashdeep consoles Anupama. He tells her that Aadhya is at fault. The staff takes care of Anupama. They try to relieve her worries. Anuj and Shruti take Aadhya home. Anuj understands something major has happened between Anupama and Aadhya.

Yashdeep asks Anupama to dance to forget her sorrow. Anupama says that she left dancing five years ago, but when she came to the US, dance helped her. She thinks of dancing for the sake of her peace. She says that her job is important to her to earn a living. He asks her to join some dance classes. He says that he will find a good dance class and enroll her. She thanks him for the help. He says that he is confident about her, she won’t make any mistakes and even if it happens, then she doesn’t need to worry. Anupama wonders if Kinjal and Pari are still alone at home. She checks Kinjal’s message that Paritosh is on the way home.

Yashdeep asks Anupama to stay back for some time. He plans a surprise for her. Anuj and Shruti stay by Aadhya’s side. He apologizes to Shruti for hurting her a lot. She says that truth is important for a person, even if it hurts. He wonders why is his life so complicated. He asks her to go if she wants to get away from their lives. He knows it’s painful for her to stay back. She tells him that she will not leave Aadhya alone. She decides to stay back. He asks her not to feel compelled. She loves Aadhya and wants to take care of her for the sake of her mental peace. Anuj thanks her.

He finds her genuinely nice. Anuj asks Shruti to never misunderstand him. He praises her qualities that make her special. He feels habitual to live with Shruti. She says that he can get rid of his habit soon. She decides to leave once Aadhya gets okay. She weeps that he never loved her. She is disheartened. Yashdeep surprises Anupama by making some party arrangements at the restaurant with the help of the staff. He says that dance is a good way to get rid of stress. He asks her to party hard. He doesn’t want the staff to put restrictions on their happiness and live their life. The staff plays a cool song and asks Anupama to dance. Anupama enjoys dancing. She teaches some moves to Yashdeep.

The staff succeeds in surprising Anupama. She forgets all her problems when she swoons to the tunes. She has a gala time with her new friends. On the other side, Dimpy is angry with Ansh. She tells the family about Ansh’s misconduct at the school. Ansh doesn’t accept his mistake. Vanraj says that he will speak to Ansh. Dimpy stops him from pampering Ansh. She says that she doesn’t want her son to become a goon or thief. She decides to handle him strictly. Yashdeep drops Anupama to Paritosh’s house. He says that he has to be a good boss and take care of his female employees. He asks her to meet Biji when she gets free. She says that she will come soon. She thanks him for arranging the 10-minute disco.

She feels relieved. Paritosh arrives drunk and spots them together. He employs his filthy mind. He insults Yashdeep, after introducing himself as Anupama’s eldest son. Paritosh’s remarks upset Anupama. He asks Yashdeep to accept that he likes Anupama. Yashdeep appears shocked. In the next episode, Anuj tries to find a way to get Anupama back into his life. He meets Anupama and Yashdeep to speak about the event. He soon learns from Aadhya that Shruti’s parents are coming to fix his wedding date. What will Anuj do now? Stay tuned.


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