YRKKH 25th February 2024 Written Update Abhira's return

YRKKH 25th February 2024 Written Update Abhira’s return

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YRKKH 25th February 2024 Written Update Abhira’s return. Ruhi is in a dilemma over telling the truth to Armaan. Yuvraj takes Abhira to the airport. He shares his wedding plans. She isn’t happy at all. Ruhi finally thinks to inform Abhira of the real reason for Abhira’s leaving. Yuvraj asks Abhira to come. Armaan tells Ruhi that Abhira can never leave the house by disrespecting Kaveri. He feels she is hiding some problem. Yuvraj asks Abhira to just confess once that she wants to marry him. He asks her not to go anywhere. He can’t take risks. He tells her that he can’t trust her. Abhira prays that she gets freed from Yuvraj.

Armaan tells Ruhi that Abhira can never do wrong when she objects to other’s wrong behavior. He can’t believe that she has left the house. He says that he had promised Akshara to always support Abhira. He wants to keep his promise. He cries that he failed. He asks Ruhi to tell him what to do. He begs her to help him. Ruhi melts her heart. She tells him that Yuvraj has compelled Abhira to do this. She adds that they have less time to save Abhira. She reveals that Yuvraj is taking Abhira to Dubai. Armaan is shocked to hear this. Yuvraj asks Abhira to just come. Abhira gets hopeful seeing Madhav at the airport. She remembers hinting at Madhav about Yuvraj. She hopes that Madhav saves him.

Yuvraj asks Abhira the reason for her smile. He thinks she is happy with him. Madhav sees Yuvraj and alerts the team. Yuvraj spots Madhav around. He gets doubtful. He finds the officers in civil clothes. He distracts them. He flees with Abhira. Madhav asks where did Yuvraj go. He asks the staff to find Abhira. Armaan and Ruhi reach the airport. He asks Madhav if he has saved Abhira. Madhav informs him that Yuvraj tricked the police and escaped.

Armaan comments that Madhav failed in his duty. He gets rude. He fears losing Abhira forever. He regrets that both Abhira and Madhav didn’t tell him anything. Ruhi shows Abhira’s bangles fallen there. Madhav tells them that it’s a trail left by Abhira to find her. Yuvraj drags Abhira to a jungle area. He slaps her to rebuke her for the cheat. He tells that he loves her a lot. He feels cheated. He tells her that he has been waiting for this day for years. He asks her to forget Dubai because the police will arrest him if he gets spotted. Abhira angrily slaps him back. Madhav asks Armaan not to go ahead and take risks. Armaan tells Ruhi that he will go and rescue Abhira. Ruhi doesn’t want to leave Armaan alone.

Abhira bashes Yuvraj. She tells him that she will punish Yuvraj for his evil deeds. She wants justice for Akshara. Yuvraj catches Abhira. He says that he has seen the result of love, and now he has changed his plan. He plans to torture her and marry her right away. He asks her to wipe her sindoor of Armaan’s name. He tries to forcibly marry her, but Armaan reaches in time and saves her. Armaan and Ruhi bring Abhira home. Kaveri stops Abhira at the door and lectures Armaan. What awaits Abhira? Keep reading.


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