YRKKH 26th February 2024 Written Update Armaan's love

YRKKH 26th February 2024 Written Update Armaan’s love

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YRKKH 26th February 2024 Written Update Armaan’s love. Yuvraj makes a shocking move, wiping away Abhir’s sindoor bearing Armaan’s name and breaking her mangalsutra. Stunned and defenseless, Abhira struggles to break free from Yuvraj’s grasp. She eventually strikes him and attempts to flee while Yuvraj searches for her. Elsewhere, Armaan and Ruhi find Abhira’s fallen mangalsutra and search for her as well. Eventually, Yuvraj locates Abhira and forcibly tries to make her marry him. However, Armaan intervenes just in time to protect Abhira. In a fit of anger, Yuvraj attempts to fill Abhira’s hairline with sindoor but is then shocked when Armaan confronts him once again.

In an attempt to retaliate, Yuvraj decides to attack Armaan, who simply says he doesn’t have time for this and defends himself by hitting Yuvraj back. A fierce fight ensues between the two men as Yuvraj continues to try to harm Abhira until Ruhi steps in to support her. Armaan bravely bashes up Yuvraj. He reminds the instances when Yuvraj entered his house, attempted to kidnap his mother, and harassed Abhira. In retaliation, Yuvraj attacks Armaan. Seeing the danger, Abhira rushes to protect Armaan but Yuvraj tries to harm her. Thankfully, Armaan comes to her rescue just in time.

However, the situation escalates as Yuvraj threatens Abhira at gunpoint and accuses her of betrayal. Armaan and Abhira share a meaningful glance as Yuvraj orders Abhira to bid farewell to everyone before shooting her. In a desperate attempt to save her, Armaan jumps in but is outnumbered until Madhav arrives just in time. He valiantly defeats Yuvraj and gets him arrested. Giving one last menacing look towards Abhira, Yuvraj is taken away while she thanks Armaan for his timely arrival. However, things take a heated turn as Armaan berates Abhira for not telling him about Yuvraj’s true intentions earlier. Armaan is worried for her. He wants her to understand his concern. Trying to diffuse the situation, Ruhi asks Armaan to calm down and stop scolding Abhira.

Abhira informs Armaan that Yuvraj has been monitoring the situation. She adds that she wanted to tell Armaan to prevent any accident from happening, but she couldn’t reach out to him because of Yuvraj’s threats. Armaan questions why Abhira didn’t reveal the truth to him by trusting him for once. He feels hurt that he failed to secure her. He admits that he made a mistake by intervening in Abhira’s affairs since she is fully capable of handling them on her own. Ruhi takes Abhira’s side in the argument. Armaan shares his concern about Yuvraj’s threat to harm Abhira. This causes Abhira to become emotional. Meanwhile, Charu is preoccupied with thoughts about Abhira. Seeing this, Dev asks Charu what is troubling her.

Charu expresses her worry for Abhira but chooses not to disclose any details to Dev. Kaveri happens to spot Charu with Dev and decides to confront her about it later on. Charu lies to Kaveri about her whereabouts, but she grows suspicious of being caught by Kaveri. As they continue their conversation, Dev suggests that Charu should return home instead of staying out so late at night. Armaan takes care of Abhira, which makes Ruhi feel jealous. They share an intense gaze, causing Ruhi’s jealousy to intensify as she watches them together. While Abhira thinks about Kaveri, Armaan encourages her to come home and speak to Kaveri.

Consequently, Kaveri stops Abhira from entering the house and directs her anger towards Armaan for choosing Abhira over her. Madhav stands by Abhira’s side and supports her decision to not enter the house without Kaveri’s permission. He also reveals that Abhira was willing to sacrifice her happiness for Vidya’s sake, which angers Kaveri further. Madhav defends Abhira. He adds that Abhira cares for the family and whatever she did was just for the family’s safety. Will Kaveri forgive Abhira and accept her back in the family?


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