GHKKPM 28th February 2024 Written Update Savi's secret out

GHKKPM 28th February 2024 Written Update Savi’s secret

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GHKKPM 28th February 2024 Written Update Savi’s secret out. Yashwant has great admiration for Savi’s family. He lies a lot just to keep his respect. Swati then requests Yashwant to arrange a meeting with them. Curious, Yashwant inquires about the whereabouts of Savi’s family. Despite Surekha and Reeva’s attempts to intervene, Swati persists. Yashwant questions if Swati doubts his honesty. To the other guests’ surprise, Swati claims that Savi is an orphan and works as a waitress in a cafe. Surekha urges Swati to stop spreading such misinformation, as she knows that Savi is not employed as a waitress.

However, Swati insists on having proof to back her claim and demands that the Lokhande family show the video they were previously watching. The Lokhandes deny having any knowledge of a video. Swati urges Savi to be honest. Savi confesses that she is employed at a cafe. Surekha inquires if Ishaan was aware of this. Ishaan denies any knowledge. Anvi questions Durva about Savi’s disregard for their family’s reputation in taking up a job as a waitress. Durva expresses her disappointment and doubts whether Savi truly belongs in their household. Yashwant attempts to defuse the situation, but the guests demand an explanation from Savi regarding her employment status at the cafe, wondering if it is due to her scholarship being revoked.

Savi remains quiet. Nishi invites everyone to partake in the meal, but the media interrupts and threatens to leave unless they uncover the truth. They grill Bhosles with questions, and Savi finally interjects, revealing that Ishaan had given her a check to cover her college fees but she insisted on paying for it herself by working at the cafe. She implores both the reporters and Bhosles not to jump to conclusions or accuse them unfairly. The media persists with more inquiries, questioning why she never mentioned her job before and accusing her of covering up for Bhosles with a fabricated story.

Swati says that Savi is showing non-involvement of her in-laws just to save them. She attempts to tarnish Bhosles’ image and destroy them, for they have hurt Reeva by accepting Savi in the family. When questioned about the cancellation of a bright student’s scholarship, Ishaan responds that the Education Minister should be asked if he stands behind Bhosles. The minister asserts his support for girls’ education and promptly exits without giving Yashwant a chance to speak. Savi reprimands the media for making accusations without understanding the full picture. Yashwant requests the guests to depart and they do so accordingly.

Swati ridicules Ishaan and his family, claiming that they only deserve someone like Savi and not their daughter, Reeva. She further taunts Savi’s family, eliciting a warning from Savi to refrain from speaking ill of her loved ones. Swati humiliates Savi and her roots, values, and parents. Savi loses her cool when Swati crosses her limits. She asks Swati to mind her tongue when she speaks ill. Ishaan and Reeva get worried seeing their clash.


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