YRKKH 28th February 2024 Written Update Abhira surprised

YRKKH 28th February 2024 Written Update Abhira surprised

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YRKKH 28th February 2024 Written Update Abhira surprised. Armaan is overwhelmed with guilt for his past actions towards Abhira. He admits that Akshara took a bullet for him and that Abhira was willing to sacrifice her life for his mother. He acknowledges that Abhira is Akshara’s daughter and expresses regret over not being able to understand her. Ruhi becomes concerned about the situation and decides to call the police. In turn, Abhira expresses gratitude towards Armaan for always being there for her. She recognizes Armaan’s kindness and remembers Kaveri’s warning about Yuvraj entering their lives because of her.

Armaan believes that Abhira has brought positive changes to his family, but she humbly denies any credit. Despite this, Armaan still sees Abhira as special and feels grateful for her presence in his life. However, Abhira insists on them stopping with the excessive thankyous. As they share a private moment, Ruhi catches them and questions their actions. Feeling guilty once again, Armaan tries to engrave Abhira’s name but she stops him from doing so. Kaveri gives a case to Manoj, prompting Sanjay to question her about being upset over him taking Yuvraj’s case. This leads Kaveri to decide to expel Sanjay from the firm. He then asks her if she believes Manoj is capable of handling his cases, despite knowing the truth behind Yuvraj’s actions.

Sanjay also mentions his past success with the Poddars and suggests that Kaveri would have given cases to Abhira instead of Manoj. However, Kaveri firmly states that even if the Poddar firm were to close down, she would not give any cases to Sanjay. Meanwhile, Manoj celebrates this turn of events as Ruhi’s phone rings, interrupting Abhira and Yuvraj’s conversation. Ruhi explains that she is worried about them and decides to leave. Armaan thanks Ruhi for helping him locate Abhira, but she refuses to take credit and instead expresses feeling a connection with her.

In light of this moment, Abhira, Armaan, and Ruhi decide to celebrate together. The Poddars are overjoyed to have Abhira, Armaan, and Ruhi all in one place. They suggest playing a game, but Kaveri realizes someone is missing and mentions Charu’s name. Doubting Kaveri’s intentions, Abhira informs Charu who then declines to share the news of her internship with Kaveri. Meanwhile, Dev offers to drive Charu home and reminds her to inform her family about the internship. As they play a game of dumb charades, Ruhi can’t help but admire Armaan.


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