Udaariyaan 1st March 2024 Written Update Insane Gills

Udaariyaan 1st March 2024 Written Update Insane Gills

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Udaariyaan 1st March 2024 Written Update Insane Gills. Aasma and Armaan are conversing over a video call. He confidently mentions that Zaid will soon accept everyone and shows off his pink shirt. Aasma compliments him, referring to him as a “handsome hunk.” As they chat, he also mentions that they have two kids together. Aasma is pleased and encourages him to focus on his studies to become a successful automobile businessman. Meanwhile, Rano questions why Aasma would accompany them for her checkup today. Baby intervenes by offering Aasma a glass of juice, claiming it will make her feel better. Alia is hesitant to feed it to her, but Baby insists that Rano should do it instead since Aasma trusts her more.

Rano obliges and sweetly offers the juice to Aasma who eventually drinks it after some hesitation. However, Alia accidentally drops the glass and becomes upset, believing nothing good happens in her life. Aasma experiences dizziness and Rano suggests going for a checkup to ease her worries. They arrive at a different hospital than usual, prompting Aasma to comment. Baby intervenes and urges them to proceed with the checkup. However, she remembers bribing the doctor for Aasma’s abortion. Despite feeling uneasy, Aasma is convinced by Rano to trust them and join Alia for the checkup. Armaan is concerned about Aasma’s well-being and regrets leaving her in such a state. He calls her but she faints before answering.

Rano covers up the situation and tells Armaan to ask Aasma to call him later. As they wait for the doctor’s diagnosis, Aasma prays to Matarani while watching a procession pass. She attempts to call Armaan again but collapses before they can speak. Worried about their actions, Rano wonders if they are doing something wrong, but Baby reassures her that they are helping Aasma by hiding the truth about her pregnancy. Alia silently observes and acknowledges that Armaan and Aasma will never have their child because of her scheme with Rano and Bua ji, who are unaware of her true intentions.

Aasma envisions individuals trailing her and her infant, frantically shouting for assistance. She awakens with a start and pleads with the doctor to leave her alone. The nurses attempt to restrain her while Baby assures her that everything is going according to plan and they won’t let Murtasim’s negative energy affect their family. Aasma rushes over and embraces Baby, telling them to take her home immediately as they are forcefully trying to abort her baby. Without hesitation, Baby and Alia comply and help Aasma get back to their residence safely.

However, Aasma quickly realizes something isn’t right and requests to be taken a specific way. Still in disbelief, Baby insists she comes along with them instead. Desperately pleading for them to stop, Aasma spots Rano nearby and runs towards her seeking refuge. Rano tries to assure Aasma that this is being done for her wellbeing, but Aasma’s suspicions are confirmed when she recalls Rano’s deceit in the past. In a state of shock, she declares that the child belongs to Armaan, but Rano slaps her and accuses her of lying about the father’s identity. Refusing to believe Aasma, Rano asks the doctor to take Aasma for an abortion. Aasma angrily attacks the doctor, but Rano gets hurt by her hands.

Aasma fights with the family members and medical staff for her baby’s life. Alia makes a video of Aasma and sends it to Armaan. Aasma asks Rano who has given her the right to get the baby aborted even if she thinks the baby is of Murtasim. Alia edits the video to make Armaan believe that the baby is really of Murtasim. Armaan calls up Aasma and asks her if the video is true. Aasma apologizes to him for hitting Rano. She says that she didn’t do it intentionally. Armaan gets mistaken and thinks Aasma is confessing about Murtasim being the baby’s father. He feels cheated by Aasma and screams. Will Alia separate Armaan and Aasma? Keep reading.


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