Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th April 2024 Written Update Kashvi's doubt

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st March 2024 Written Update Kashvi to die

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st March 2024 Written Update Kashvi to die. Mahima and Karun arrive at the restaurant. Arjun joins them dressed in Sunaina’s attire, then excuses himself to use the men’s restroom. Mahima chuckles as she watches him go. When Arjun returns, she is surprised by his sudden appearance and becomes suspicious. Without saying anything, he places his bag on the table and walks away. As Mahima glances inside the bag, she realizes that it contains Sunaina’s outfit and deduces what is going on. Determined to expose him, she answers a call from Romila and spills the details.

Romila informs Mahima that she was surprised by Arjun’s actions. She advises her not to confront him at the moment and instead suggests pretending to be unaware and enjoy the dinner. Mahima agrees to expose Arjun in front of Kashvi. Later, while Kashvi searches for Aditya in the house, he returns from his walk and she questions him about his whereabouts. Aditya explains that he went for a walk and heads inside. The next day, Sushma expresses her gratitude towards Sunaina and Mahima reveals Arjun’s true identity by removing his wig. This shocks Kashvi and others present. Aditya scolds Arjun and even slaps him before deciding to involve the police.

Aditya further threatens Arjun and turns Kashvi worried. Kashvi goes to the market and halts at the chaat stall. Arjun keeps an eye on her to protect her. He says that Sunaina’s plan failed but he has to find some other way to protect Kashvi. Aman reaches there and points the gun at Kashvi to exact his revenge. Kashvi isn’t aware of Aman’s presence. Aman says that Kashvi will die tonight and nobody can save her. Arjun is shocked to see Aman shooting at Kashvi. Will Kashvi die? Keep reading for Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st March 2024 Written Update.

Aditya confronts Arjun for his betrayal and vows to take revenge. Arjun responds rudely, justifying his actions by blaming Aditya for not catching Aman. Kashvi steps in, urging them to end their argument, and calls out Arjun for deceiving her once again. She dramatically removes Gayatri’s wig and turns to Vicky, questioning how he could support Arjun’s actions. In defense, Arjun claims he only tried to protect Kashvi and didn’t want to regret it later if something happened to her. Kashvi asserts that she has her husband to protect her and doesn’t need Arjun’s help. However, Arjun confesses his love for Kashvi and declares he is okay with it being one-sided.

An annoyed Kashvi tells him to stop and leave, but he stubbornly insists on following his heart. He challenges Kashvi to stop him if she can, before walking away. Mahima trails behind him and questions his betrayal. Arjun responds that she knows he has no emotions for her and didn’t divorce her due to her demands. He confesses his disdain for Mahima and exits the scene. Later, Arjun ponders over how to safeguard Kashvi. A peon informs him of a summons from a senior civil officer. Arjun enters the officer’s cabin and is informed of his transfer to Kanpur. Realizing Aditya’s involvement, he resolves not to comply with the transfer order.

Dadi informs Kashvi that they reunited to have some chaat, when Arjun and Vicky catch a glimpse of them from afar. Vicky inquires about Arjun’s plans after his transfer. Arjun responds by saying he needs to figure out another path. Suddenly, Aman appears and declares that Kashvi managed to evade him last time but she won’t be as lucky today. He pulls out a gun, ready to shoot Kashvi, proclaiming that no one can save her from him. However, Arjun intervenes just in time to save her life. He then explains to her how Aman intended to harm her and helps her tend to his wound with a cloth while apologizing for not being able to protect her better.


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