Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2024 Written Update Prachi misses Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2024 Written Update Prachi misses Ranbir

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st April 2024 Written Update Prachi misses Ranbir. The servant informs Prachi over the phone that the decoration has not been completed yet. Upon arriving at the wedding venue, Ranbir and Trishna’s family notice that it is still unfinished. This causes him to express his concern to Trishna’s family. However, Trishna quickly takes him aside and reassures him that Prachi will handle everything. She also asks if he is nervous about getting married, reminding him that they are not marrying strangers but each other. Trishna assures him that their relationship will remain unchanged even after the marriage and advises him to stop worrying. After agreeing with her, Ranbir watches as Trishna walks away from the conversation.

The servant hands Ranbir his wedding dress, but he finds that his Sehra is unsatisfactory. Upon Prachi’s arrival at the venue, she notices that the decoration is not yet finished. Complaining to her family about it, they assure her that everything will be completed on schedule. The servant then informs Prachi that Ranbir has expressed his dislike for his Sehra and desires a new one. Hearing this, Prachi quickly reveals that she had anticipated such a situation and already prepared a backup, Sehra. She promises to retrieve it and heads off. Meanwhile, Ranbir voices his discontent with his Sehra to Trishna over the phone. Understanding his concerns, Trishna arranges for Kartik to take care of it.

Prachi enters Ranbir’s room and spots Kartik, handing him the Sehra. Satisfied, she exits. Just then, Ranbir emerges from the washroom. Kartik presents him with the Sehra before taking his leave. Ranbir notices its weight and struggles with it. As Prachi passes by her room, Trishna halts her and requests her assistance in getting ready for her wedding. Prachi agrees and later reveals that her husband had helped her get ready on their wedding day. This reminds her of how Ranbir had lovingly dressed her as a bride before their marriage. Meanwhile, RV rushes in and urges Purvi to stop getting ready as they are running out of time.

He pulls her away towards their destination. Ranbir enters Trishna’s room and asks why she isn’t ready. Noticing her incomplete makeup, he comments on her dull blush. Trishna informs him that Prachi had helped her get ready and asks Ranbir to repeat what he said. However, Prachi is currently occupied in the washroom cleaning her brushes. Later, Ranbir expresses his discomfort with the Sehra and Trishna helps fix it for him. Grateful, He thanks Trishna before leaving. Upon Prachi’s return, she learns that Trishna had playfully teased Ranbir. As he wears the groom’s outfit, he realizes Kartik is also dressed similarly. Kartik apologizes, explaining that he didn’t have another outfit.

Despite the mix-up, Ranbir kindly tells Kartik not to mind it. Gajendra prepares for his daughter’s wedding as his wife joins him to express her concerns. She believes that the marriage is simply a show for Amar, but Gajendra assures her otherwise. Meanwhile, Amar instructs his men to prevent the marriage from taking place by any means necessary. He wants to make it appear as if Trishna is being forced into the union. Gajendra vows to seek revenge on Amar for stealing his voter base through deceitful slander. He declares that they are heading to the wedding with the sole intention of putting a stop to it.


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