Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2024 Written Update Kavya befooled

Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2024 Written Update Kavya befooled

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Kundali Bhagya 1st April 2024 Written Update Kavya befooled. Dadi and Beeji discuss their upcoming temple visit. Palki helpfully takes out some prasad from Beeji’s bag, prompting Beeji to ask where she got it from. Palki reassures her that the source of Prasad doesn’t matter. Shanaya agrees and Kareena expresses her admiration for both Palki and Shanaya’s upbringing. Daljeet jokes about Shaurya not having a brother, but also mentions her desire for her daughters to marry into the Luthra family. Beeji playfully calls Daljeet out for always making jokes, as Varun’s family arrives and everyone greets them warmly.

Shaurya, Sandy, and Varun entertain with a dance, earning applause from the group. Dadi comments on how much she is enjoying the mehendi function, while Roma asks about Kavya’s whereabouts. Palki volunteers to bring her and heads inside. Nidhi weeps as she remembers the time Karan spent with Preeta. Aarohi approaches and inquires about Nidhi’s failed suicide attempt, questioning what caused her to break. Nidhi reveals that Karan had brought Preeta to the Luthra house as Dadi’s physiotherapist, but ultimately rejected Nidhi’s love. Aarohi reprimands Nidhi for her actions and reminds her of all the blessings she has in life. Yet, Nidhi pleads with Aarohi, unable to fathom a life without Karan.

Meanwhile, Mahesh asks Rajveer who had opened the locker, which Rajveer initially mistook for a cupboard. Rajveer explains that he needed a hand towel and saw an important file under the bed, leading him to change the locker passcode. However, he now realizes he forgot the new code and berates himself for not stealing the file when he had the chance earlier. Palki compliments Kavya before noticing her nervous expression. Curious, Palki asks Kavya why she is feeling scared. Kavya openly admits to her fears, prompting Palki to reassure her that it’s normal for brides to feel this way. They both make their way downstairs.

Beeji shares with Daljeet her belief that Shanaya will be treated like royalty in the Luthra household. Daljeet remarks that Palki had missed out on the opportunity by choosing Rajveer as her husband. However, Beeji remains optimistic and suggests breaking off Rajveer and Palki’s relationship, in search of a wealthy suitor for Palki instead. Meanwhile, Shaurya catches sight of the Detective serving drinks and scolds him for neglecting his duty to keep an eye on Karan. A guest turns to Rakhi and inquires if Preeta is her daughter-in-law. Rakhi clarifies that Nidhi is the one who holds this title. Rajveer, Shaurya, and Varun are dancing when Kavya joins them.

Soon, others also join in. Varun suddenly becomes anxious upon receiving a phone call and rushes inside. Preeta notices his discomfort and attempts to follow him but is stopped by Roma. Nidhi tells Aarohi that she only wants Karan’s friendship and nothing more. Aarohi suggests they go downstairs, but Nidhi insists on being alone for some time. As Aarohi leaves, Varun meets with a woman in a room who hugs him. They both quickly hide as Shaurya enters the room. Preeta questions Roma about her intentions for stopping her and gets scolded by Roma in return.


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