Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Update Karan's epiphany

Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Update Karan’s epiphany

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Kundali Bhagya 31st March 2024 Written Update Karan’s epiphany. Karan expresses to Mahesh that following Nidhi’s wishes is causing him distress and confusion. In response, Mahesh reassures Karan that with time, clarity will emerge and things will work out. Varun accidentally shatters a glass. Inquiring about the noise, Roma asks him what happened. Varun reveals that someone found out about the Mehendi event. Concerned, Roma asks if the function will still take place. Varun explains that he needs to intervene to prevent any issues. Preeta climbs the ladder to adjust the lamp. Karan notices and remembers how she had once fallen from the same ladder. Worried, he rushes over to her and steadies the ladder. She questions his actions, to which he replies that it’s for her protection. Together, they successfully fix the lamp.

As Preeta descends, memories of their past interactions flood her mind. Grateful for his help, she confesses that sometimes it feels like she has known him for ages. She asks him if he shares her thoughts. He nods in response. She mentions feeling familiar with the house and its residents. Rakhi overhears their conversation and tells Preeta to get ready, prompting Karan to inform her that he’s placed her outfit in her room. Preeta expresses her gratitude and heads off. Daljeet’s family arrives while Beeji is introduced to the Luthras. Shaurya answers a call from the detective who reveals he’s undercover as a waiter at the house, keeping an eye on Karan. Mahesh overhears and questions the detective, who lies about informing his boss for protection purposes. Mahesh advises him to focus on guests instead of his phone call and the detective leaves.

Meanwhile, Rajveer collides with the detective but recognizes him and decides to concentrate on his task instead. As Preeta struggles to put on her earrings, Karan notices her and goes to help. Preeta thanks him. Nidhi becomes upset upon seeing their moment. Rajveer sneaks into Karan’s room and answers Anshuman’s call. He accuses Anshuman of sending a detective to spy on him. Anshuman denies this and instructs Rajveer to come to the office with some documents. It is then that Rajveer realizes the password for the locker has been changed. At that moment, Mahesh enters and questions Rajveer about his presence there.

Thinking quickly, Rajveer lies that he is using the bathroom. However, Mahesh notices that the locker door is open, raising suspicion. Karan assures Preeta that there is no need for her to thank him, as they are friends. Nidhi speculates that this could be love and hopes that Preeta will eventually come to understand this. Preeta discloses that she is Rajveer’s Maasi and is currently single. Karan has an epiphany as he realizes that Preeta doesn’t even recall Rajveer as her son Rudra.






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