Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2024 Written Update Wedding halts

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2024 Written Update Wedding halts

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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2024 Written Update Wedding halts. As Ranbir stands amidst the decorations, he feels Prachi’s presence. He takes a moment to look around for her and finds her attending to one of the falling decorators. Prachi quickly instructs the decorator to be careful before noticing Ranbir’s surprised expression as he hears her voice. As Khushi and Armaan make their way to Ranbir and Trishna’s wedding, they engage in conversation about how he didn’t inform her until the last minute. Meanwhile, Prachi catches a flower vase about to fall and sees that water has spilled on the floor. She makes her way to another room to retrieve some tissues. Unaware of his presence, Ranbir accidentally steps on the wet floor as he passes by Prachi while she cleans up the mess and leaves from there.

In his search for her, Ranbir glances around but doesn’t spot Prachi, so he eventually leaves from there. As fate would have it, Prachi also departs in the opposite direction without crossing paths with him once more. As a bride, Trishna stands before Ranbir and asks for his opinion on her appearance as the best bride in the world. Surprised, he questions who told her this, recalling how he used to say it to his ex-wife. RV wonders why no one is ready yet, while Purvi suggests getting dressed in their respective rooms. RV cynically comments that no matter how much she tries, nothing will change. Remembering Prachi’s words, Purvi proposes they act like a perfect couple in front of everyone to ease her mother’s worries.

She also points out that if RV’s family sees them fighting, they will also be concerned. After agreeing with Purvi’s reasoning, RV takes off from there. Trishna declares that she is not jealous as she knows Ranbir is not capable of being romantic and adds that it is Prachi’s husband who possesses such qualities. Feeling challenged, Ranbir promises to try and be more romantic before leaving the room. Prachi admires Trishna’s appearance and suggests she go inside. Trishna expresses gratitude towards Prachi for being a good friend. Prachi reciprocates the sentiment. Purvi asks Monisha what she wants to say, to which Monisha sarcastically compliments Purvi’s ability to manipulate men.

Purvi reminds Monisha that RV is her husband and she doesn’t need to control him. Monisha questions if Purvi uses tears to get her way with KK, but Purvi clarifies that KK saw her true character. Dadaji overhears their conversation and receives words of praise from Purvi. Purvi informs Dadaji that she needs to leave for the wedding to assist Prachi. Dadaji instructs RV to take Purvi to the wedding, and he agrees before leaving the premises. Kartik is on the phone with his girlfriend when Ranbir asks him what’s going on. Kartik reveals that his girlfriend wants to marry him, despite already being married in court, but her parents do not acknowledge it as a marriage. Ranbir shares his thoughts on the situation. After concluding his call, Kartik goes to chat with his girlfriend once again.

Meanwhile, Monisha grows weary of Dadaji’s behavior and confides in Dipika about it. She suggests they should be honest with Dadaji, but Dipika disagrees and they start arguing. Dipika urges Monisha to stand up for herself, and she agrees, saying she will confront RV in front of everyone. However, Dipika advises against it, but Monisha insists and storms off. Prachi assumes Kartik is the groom and introduces him to her family, unaware of his lack of knowledge. While Kartik steps aside to take a call, Prachi reveals to her family that she considers him the groom. At that moment, Trishna approaches Ranbir and expresses her hesitation about marrying him after learning more about him from Priyu. Confused, Ranbir asks Trishna to explain further. She reveals that Priyu disclosed some information to her about him.


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