Pandya Store 2nd April 2024 Written Update Natasha's terms

Pandya Store 2nd April 2024 Written Update Natasha’s terms

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Pandya Store 2nd April 2024 Written Update Natasha’s terms. Natasha embraces Makwana Bhabhis with joy, while Dhawal and Natasha seek blessings from Amba. Amrish warmly embraces Dhawal in return. Meanwhile, Chiku and Isha prepare their belongings at the Makwana household. Suman instructs Chiku to leave first and orders Isha to stay behind. Feeling frustrated, Isha confronts Suman about her unequal treatment towards them compared to Natasha. In response, Suman reassures Isha that she loves all her children equally and will always be there for her when needed. The Makwanas bid farewell and return to their own home. As they look around, memories of the struggles they faced in the past few days flood back, leaving everyone emotional.

Excited and joyful, Amrish kneels in front of the Makwana residence. Dolly remarks that Natasha has brought them luck, as they have regained everything. Meanwhile, Suman stands at the gate, ready to welcome the Makwana family. Amba makes a snide remark about changing traditions, but Suman explains that it is not just Natasha’s housewarming, but a momentous occasion for all of them. As the eldest member, it is her responsibility to greet them. Suman then asks Isha to perform the traditional aarti (ritualistic welcoming) for Natasha’s return to the family. Though hesitant at first, Isha carries out the task with a smile. Natasha and Dhawal beam with happiness. Natasha performs the ritual and receives blessings from Suman.

Isha returns the house keys to Amba, who then reminds Natasha of the traditional custom where the mother-in-law hands over the keys instead. Despite this deviation, Suman instructs Natasha to approach her new home with a cheerful attitude, as if it were her first day there. Isha playfully teases Natasha about being happy while Suman and Chiku handle repairs at Pandya Store. Natasha assures them that she will begin working at the store the following day. Lastly, Amba reminds Natasha that she is expected to fulfill all obligations as the new daughter-in-law of the household. Dolly hands Natasha and Dhawal a ring to find in a plate filled with milk for the ritual. She affirms that they will make decisions together and encourages them to proceed with the next rounds.

Surprisingly, both Natasha and Dhawal end up winning two rounds each, prompting Dolly to playfully comment on their compatibility. Hetal announces that the food is ready and invites everyone to join. Notably, Dhawal insists on eating from the same plate as Natasha. However, Amba interrupts by revealing a family ritual where the new daughter-in-law must eat from her mother-in-law’s plate. She demonstrates this by eating her meal and washing her hands in the same plate. Dhawal questions how Natasha will eat, but Amba clarifies that it is just habit and Natasha can break the tradition if she’s uncomfortable.

Taking matters into her own hands, Natasha places a bowl over the plate and eats fresh in a clean manner, leaving Amba shocked. In the next episode, Natasha will inform Amrish that she plans to commence work at Pandya Store and requests access to the raw materials there. However, Amrish refuses to grant her permission. Natasha then reminds him of the contract he had previously signed. If he chooses not to comply with her request, it could jeopardize his relationship with Dhawal.


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