Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd April 2024 Written Update Akir's revenge

Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd April 2024 Written Update Akir’s revenge

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd April 2024 Written Update Akir’s revenge. Akir informs Daljeet and Sahiba that he plans to sleep between them, but Daljeet persuades him that he is too grown-up for that and tucks him into his room. As a present for Akir’s upcoming birthday, Daljeet decides to give him his favorite bicycle. Biji notices Daljeet sleeping outside and inquires why he does not sleep with Sahiba. Daljeet responds that he enjoys the fresh air. Biji then mentions how Akir won’t have any siblings if they continue to sleep separately. However, Daljeet brushes off her comment and asks her to let it go. Biji remarks about Daljeet before leaving the room.

The following day, Biji refuses to drink the tea offered by Daljeet. Twinkle asks if she is upset with Daljeet, and Biji confirms this, attempting to explain why but is interrupted by Daljeet who stops her from speaking further. Sahiba notices a ticket slipping out of Daljeet’s wallet and asks him about it. He tells her it is a surprise and promises to reveal more later on before leaving the room. Akir decides to teach Angad a lesson by going to the market first. Upon overhearing Angad’s inquiry about the nearest market, Akir takes a shortcut and reaches the Tilak market before him. Meanwhile, Angad buys clothes for Simran. However, when he tries to leave in his car, he finds that Akir has released Sattu’s buffaloes onto the road and placed grass around his car.

This prevents Angad from being able to drive away as the buffaloes surround his car. Frustrated, Angad gets out of the car and attempts to shoo away the buffaloes. Akir and some children witness this and laugh at Angad’s predicament. Sattu later finds out from a friend that his buffaloes were set loose by Akir, so he calls Sahiba to complain about it. Sahiba promises to come over right away. Satti says that Akir released his buffaloes onto the road. Angad asks if he is responsible for this chaos, mentioning that many people are being inconvenienced by it.

Akir becomes aware of Angad’s approach and quickly retreats, holding a conversation with him from a distance. As Angad tries to capture him, he challenges Akir to confront him with courage. Eventually, Akir bravely faces Angad and asserts that he is not afraid. However, his friend reveals that Sattu has complained to Sahiba about his actions, causing Akir to flee the scene in a rush. Along the way, he bumps into Sahiba while Angad cleans a stain off his pants nearby. Upon seeing Sahiba, Akir hastily escapes on her cycle.


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