Pandya Store 3rd April 2024 Written Update Stunning twist

Pandya Store 3rd April 2024 Written Update Stunning twist

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Pandya Store 3rd April 2024 Written Update Stunning twist. Natasha outwits Amba, who still hates her. Chiku misses Natasha. He is hurt recalling how things turned out. Suman pacifies him. She says that Natasha is happy with Dhawal. She asks him to think about Isha and also settling his brothers. Isha asks Chiku to stop worrying about Natasha. Suman finds Isha distancing Chiku from Natasha. Chiku loves Natasha. Isha says that Chiku and Natasha’s love and concern should be mutual. Suman fears that Isha might tell him the truth about Natasha’s planning. Pranali asks Amba to give a Mu Dikhai gift to Natasha. Amba gifts a phone to Natasha. Dhawal tells that he has already gifted a phone to her. Amba says that she didn’t know about his gift. Natasha thanks Amba. Isha tells Chiku about Natasha’s plan.

She apologizes to him that she made a big mistake. Suman hinders Isha from revealing anything further. She says that Isha is feeling bad because she is troubled because of both families. She asks Isha not to dig out the past. She says that they should forget the past and move on. Isha agrees. Dolly and Hetal lay some Papads on the bed to test Dhawal and Natasha’s love. Hetal covers up the bed and decorates the room. Natasha is upset. Dolly asks Natasha why she appears sad. Natasha doesn’t divulge any details. Hetal and Dolly wish Natasha for the first night. They tease Natasha about Dhawal.

Dolly tells Natasha that the papads will let them know everything. Natasha seems restless. Chirag and Bhaven pull Dhawal’s leg. Amrish finds Dhawal happy. Dhawal asks them to let him go to his room. Amrish asks them to keep smiling and always stay united so that they have happiness in the family. He says that they will discuss things and reach a mutual decision on every matter from now. The brothers agree. Dhawal tells Amrish that he wants to assist him in work. Amrish asks him to come to the office tomorrow. He asks Dhawal to live his life with Natasha. Dhawal rushes to his room and embraces Natasha.

Pandya Store 3rd April 2024 Written Update Stunning twist

Dhawal promises to keep her happy. He gifts her a mangalsutra. He makes her wear it. They have a moment. He gifts her a dress. She says that everything is perfect and she has nothing to say. He confesses love to her. She takes the dress to wear it for him. He is amazed that she agreed to wear the dress without checking it once. Natasha goes to change. Dhawal is stunned to see her wearing the gifted dress. The couple romances, and finds the papads lying on the bed. Natasha laughs and reveals Dolly’s plan. Dhawal and Natasha feel at peace, together that their dreamy union is finally a reality. He says that he has much awaited her arrival in their bedroom. He clears the papads from the bed.

Dhawal and Natasha share an intimate moment. She stops him, realizing she is missing out on something important. He apologizes to her, assuming that he has gone too far. She asks him not to blame himself. He asks her if she has a gift for him. He expects something surprising is coming up and closes his eyes. She tells him about her condition. She gets the contract papers from her bag and tells him about it. Dhawal is stunned to know about the contract. She says that she can’t commence their new life until Dhawal and Makwanas sign the contract papers.

Pandya Store 3rd April 2024 Written Update Stunning twist


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