Jhanak 5th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh blasts anger

Jhanak 5th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh blasts anger

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Jhanak 5th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh blasts anger. Anirudh insults Jhanak, while Anjana stops him from passing such remarks. She explains that Jhanak suffered greatly because of their family. Arshi interjects, stating that Jhanak chose to get drunk and nothing happened to them as they were also present. Dadi admits it was her mistake, but Anjana points out that in the previous incident, Jhanak was right. Bipasha questions if it was their fault. Anjana clarifies that Anirudh brought Jhanak here and treated her like a maid. He argues that he plans to give her a respectful wedding. Arshi adds that credit should also go to their mother for finding a wealthy groom. Anirudh agrees, adding that the wedding shopping is crucial and he will accompany Jhanak to buy new clothes for everyone as a gesture of goodwill.

Arshi suggests taking her along, but she apologizes for not having enough time. Jhanak speaks up, declaring that she is not his puppet and does not want him to spend on her behalf. In response, Anirudh dismisses her words and insists on fulfilling his responsibility towards her wedding preparations by buying new clothes for everyone as a gift from him. Arshi questions Jhanak’s anger. Jhanak reminds Arshi that she is not a slave to be controlled by Anirudh. She expresses her frustration towards him for constantly causing her harm and asks him to stay out of her life. However, Dadi reprimands her for speaking out of turn.

Determined, Jhanak insists that girls like them dare to stand up for themselves. Anjana tells her to keep quiet but Jhanak refuses and questions why Anirudh is so keen on spending money on her wedding. Tanuja points out that Jhanak also wants this marriage and accuses her of creating unnecessary drama. But Jhanak stands firm in her belief that only her future husband should buy things for her and she will not accept anything from someone who has no relation to her. Anirudh questions their lack of relationship, to which Jhanak clarifies that she will not accept anything from someone who is not related to her. Bipasha mentions the relationship between an owner and a slave, while Jhanak asserts her authority to make decisions for herself.

Dadi intervenes, stating that it is enough. However, Jhanak insists that she should not be controlled as it is her own life. Anirudh then tells her to stop talking and directs his attention to organizing her marriage and managing the expenses. He asks Arshi and Bipasha if they will attend, but they decline. Arshi questions why he wants to do so much for someone who mistreats him. Anirudh responds by saying it may be difficult for others to understand, but this matter is personally important to him and concerns his reputation. Jhanak makes it clear that she will not wear anything he chooses for her wedding, prompting him to raise his voice and scold her.

Jhanak 5th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh blasts anger

At the café, Arshi and Anirudh discuss Jhanak’s marriage. He orders coffee. Uncertain of what she will ask, he questions her intentions. She replies that many people believe he has feelings for Jhanak and asks for his thoughts on the matter. Anirudh reveals that his actions towards Jhanak were simply out of goodwill, as he wanted to help her with shopping. Arshi acknowledges this but also confesses that she too has noticed his special treatment towards Jhanak and how it affects her. Anirudh defends himself by stating that Jhanak’s attitude towards him is testing his patience, but he remains unaffected as she is marrying a wealthy man.

Anjana approaches Jhanak, who is in tears. Anjana reminds her that the man she is about to marry may be older, but if he is a good person, age shouldn’t matter. However, Jhanak expresses disappointment as her dreams have not been fulfilled. Anjana asks if it was her dream to become a renowned dancer. As Jhanak remembers Anirudh, she dreams of their marriage. Arshi notices Anirudh’s anger and deduces that he must be upset about Jhanak’s marriage. When Anirudh asks what’s wrong, Arshi points out his strange behavior. He explains that he has to maintain the family’s reputation and there’s no other option but to agree to the marriage taking place in their house. When she questions why he took on this responsibility, he responds by saying that he had asked for her help. She dismisses it as a waste of time and he clarifies that this will be the last time he helps Jhanak.

Appu expresses her feelings, saying that she feels unloved and worries that Jhanak will forget about her after getting married. Anjana responds, sharing how Appu’s actions sometimes lead to her getting scolded. Appu then declares that she will stand up for herself one day. However, Anjana calms her down, reminding her of Jhanak’s mood. Confused, Appu asks why Jhanak isn’t happy about the wedding preparations and mentions how Anirudh is buying new clothes for everyone. Anjana questions this behavior but Jhanak brushes it off. Appu adds to this by saying that Anirudh gave her fruits and chocolate as well for Jhanak. Acknowledging his kind gesture, Anjana reminds Jhanak to not focus on his past behavior and instead recognize his good intentions towards her.

Arshi brings up the topic of Jhanak’s upcoming wedding and assures him that she won’t let her rival outshine her. She questions whether Jhanak will truly be happy in her marriage. Anirudh dismisses the topic, claiming he doesn’t care. Arshi insinuates that he does think about Jhanak a lot, reminding him of the advertisement he got for her. Anirudh defends himself by calling it a form of social work. However, Arshi doesn’t want to argue and Anirudh admits that he can’t explain himself at the moment.

Anjana reprimands Jhanak for being upset with Anirudh. Jhanak acknowledges her mistake in misbehaving with him and expresses her frustration with constantly being referred to as a maid, despite working in the household. Anjana sympathizes with her and agrees that Anirudh should not have treated her poorly. Appu also shares her disappointment in his behavior and wonders who will assist Jhanak in preparing for her marriage now. Appu clarifies that she is sad and promises to persuade Jhanak’s future husband to allow her to visit. Anirudh defends himself against any misunderstandings while Arshi boldly asserts that she won’t let Jhanak outdo her.

Jhanak 5th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh blasts anger


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