Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th April 2024 Written Update Sahiba spots Angad

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th April 2024 Written Update Sahiba spots Angad

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th April 2024 Written Update Sahiba spots Angad. As Akir and Daljeet converse, Angad notices the strong bond between them. He recognizes that Akir is Daljeet’s son and Surendar comments on how much Daljeet loves him. The sight of Akir reminds Angad of his child. Akir then encourages Daljeet to win the race. Inspired by their relationship, Angad expresses admiration for Akir and mentions that he would do anything for his child as well. As the competition progresses, participants are gradually eliminated. In a moment of desperation, Akir tries to sabotage Sikandar’s bicycle but is reminded by Daljeet not to cheat, following Sahiba’s teachings. Agreeing with Daljeet’s words, Akir backs off. However, during the race, Daljeet injures his leg while peddling but remains determined to win the prize.

Encouraged by their friendship, Angad joins in cheering for Daljeet as well. Twinkle and Akir are concerned for Daljeet’s well-being. Akir requests that Daljeet stop cycling and no longer use the bicycle. Daljeet remains determined to win the competition, despite any challenges he may face. Learning from a bystander that Daljeet is at the playground, Sahiba joins Twinkle and Akir to find him there. Upon seeing Daljeet, Angad suggests instead of discouraging him, they should motivate him to succeed. Therefore, both Twinkle and Akir offer their support and encouragement to Daljeet.

In the end, it is revealed that only Sikandar and Daljeet remain contestants in the cycling race due to others dropping out earlier on. Despite spitting blood, Daljeet persists in the cycling competition. After learning that he has been cycling for five hours, Sahiba contacts Twinkle. She expresses concern and reminds him that Daljeet suffers from Asthma. Twinkle immediately urges Daljeet to give up the race, stating that he is more important to Akir than a mere cycle. Even Akir joins in, pleading with Daljeet to quit the competition. He remains determined to fulfill his promise of winning the cycle. Despite Sahiba’s repeated requests and Akir’s insistence on not wanting the cycle anymore, Daljeet refuses to give up.

Eventually, he loses consciousness while cycling and falls off his bike. Upon waking up, Sahiba apologizes on behalf of Daljeet for not being able to keep his promise. She then tells him that he has won everyone’s hearts and asks him not to feel bad about it. As the cycling competition concludes, the anchor reveals the winners. Sikandar takes home the first prize while Daljeet secures second place. The latter is awarded a brand-new bicycle. Moreover, confusion arises among Daljeet and others as they are unsure of what is happening. The anchor steps in to explain that there has been a change in prize distribution – now, the second-place winner will receive the bicycle, and the first-place winner will be rewarded with Rs 50,000 in cash.

Despite this announcement, Angad declines the invitation to join them on stage, gesturing to acknowledge his contribution towards the cash prize for the first-place winner. He then approaches Akir to apologize for any misunderstandings with Daljeet. Sahiba observes Angad conversing with Akir.


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