Udaariyaan 6th April 2024 Written Update Armaan to die

Udaariyaan 6th April 2024 Written Update Armaan to die

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Udaariyaan 6th April 2024 Written Update Armaan to die. After arriving home, Aasma joins the puja while Armaan also contemplates speaking with her. Interrupted by music, Ranvijay enters and Meher welcomes him with a smile. The children join in the dancing as Ranvijay sings a rap. Suddenly, Simmi appears holding a gun and points it at Armaan. Aasma steps in between them and reminds Ranvijay of the ongoing puja. Accusing them of attempting to kill him, Ranvijay argues, while Simmi shoots towards Aasma but misses. Reacting swiftly, Armaan throws a plate to protect Aasma. As tensions rise, Ranvijay confronts Armaan. Concerned about potential consequences, Armaan doubts that Ranvijay may cause trouble for their family in the future and defends his innocence.

Ranvijay doesn’t trust Armaan and Aasma. He feels Armaan has planned to kill him. Armaan goes to meet Ranvijay. He tells that he will end the matter today so that Ranvijay doesn’t trouble his family. Ranvijay asks Armaan for a fight. Aasma gets Sukhi’s call. She answers the call and learns about Armaan. She worriedly drives and meets with an accident. Ranvijay and Armaan get into a serious fight. Simmi lays the mines at the cliffside to kill Ranvijay. Ranvijay learns that Simmi had planned the car blast and Armaan is innocent. He realizes that Armaan and Aasma are innocent, and he has made a big mistake in putting their lives in danger.

Ranvijay is shocked by this piece of news. He finds Armaan stumbling towards the cliff edge. Armaan unknowingly steps on the mine. Ranvijay attempts to pull Armaan and save his life, but the mine blasts, and Armaan falls down the cliff. Ranvijay is shattered, while Simmi watches the moment. Will Armaan die? Will Aasma reach there to save Armaan from death? What will happen next? Keep reading for Udaariyaan 6th April 2024 Written Update.






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