YRKKH Pandya Store Aankh Micholi 6th April 2024 Upcoming

YRKKH Pandya Store Aankh Micholi 6th April 2024 Upcoming

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YRKKH Pandya Store Aankh Micholi 6th April 2024 Upcoming. Manish gives Madhav a call, expressing his gratitude for the previous day. He also mentions needing help in locating his daughter and mentions not being able to see his grandchildren. He knows it’s too late since a gap of 20 years has come in between. Madhav says that it’s never late to reunite with family. Madhav assures him that he will assist. Soon after, Abhira tells herself that she will focus on her studies and internship instead of Armaan. As she goes through an envelope, containing photos of Abhinav and Akshara, she becomes emotional. She decides to make a collage of their pictures while Manish plans to enlarge one particular image of Akshara. However, upon closer inspection, he realizes that he had received the wrong photo. This prompts Abhira to investigate who could have possibly received the collage picture.

Aankh Micholi 6th April 2024 Upcoming:

Upon receiving the divorce papers from his wife Rukmani, Sumedh breaks down in tears while Malhar looks on with a smile. He is convinced that Mini must have given him the papers and reassures himself that it is for the best. As he leaves, Sumedh expresses his understanding of Rukmani’s unhappiness in their marriage and signs the papers without hesitation. Rukmani is seen offering words of encouragement to Sumedh. She reminds him that mistakes are inevitable in life, but with hope and patience, they can always be corrected. As she stirs milk into their tea, Sumedh also remarks that not everything can be resolved easily. Rukmani cries as he informs the family of his decision to leave for Mumbai, while Malhar continues to smile, dreaming of his marriage and union with Mini.

Pandya Store 6th April 2024 Upcoming:

Natasha sobs as she reflects on everything that has happened. Without warning, Amba appears with a glass of water, breaking Natasha’s train of thought. She remembers receiving a distressing video from Amba and quickly checks her phone. Grateful for Isha’s assistance with the paperwork, Natasha turns to thank her. But before she can, Amba interjects and hands her a contract that must be given to her husband. With trembling hands, Natasha reads the document and is horrified by its contents. Amba coldly informs her that this contract will destroy her reputation and turn everyone against her if she doesn’t comply. Feeling trapped, Natasha fears Dhawal’s suspicions but also knows she must protect herself. Determined to take control of the situation, she decides to add conditions of her own to the contract.


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