2 Big Twists Anupama YRKKH Upcoming 7th April 2024

2 Big Twists Anupama YRKKH Upcoming 7th April 2024

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2 Big Twists Anupama YRKKH Upcoming 7th April 2024. Shruti learns about Anupama’s injury and asks her to cater for her cocktail party. Yashdeep, however, declines the order due to seeing Anupama in pain. In response, Anupama questions his decision, but Yashdeep stands firm. As she contemplates the impact on her business, Anupama urges Yashdeep to reconsider and accept Shruti’s offer. Meanwhile, Vanraj uncovers Arush’s deceitfulness while Pakhi struggles to believe him. Determined to prove the Shahs wrong, she seeks shelter from Kinjal who refuses and receives support from Paritosh instead.

Undeterred, Pakhi decides to find a place for herself. Despite her injured hand, Anupama takes charge of cooking and receives motivation from Yashdeep. On the other side, Shruti prepares for the cocktail party as planned with assistance from Anupama. As they wonder whether or not Anuj will back out of the wedding with Shruti, only time will reveal the outcome.

YRKKH Upcoming 7th April 2024:

Manish and Armaan both arrive at the same shop, but fail to notice each other. Abhira becomes excited to open a frame, only to find it contains a picture of Akshara and Abhinav. She wonders how the frames could have been exchanged. Armaan asks Abhira to show him the frame, but she refuses. Frustrated, Abhira decides to go back to the shop to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Manish resolves to find out who is responsible for framing Akshara and Abhinav’s picture. Surekha suspects Ruhi, while Swarna believes that Ruhi harbors hate for Akshara. Coincidentally, Ruhi will discover that the Goenkas are celebrating Akshara’s birthday at the temple and confront Manish there. At the same time, Abhira also makes her way to the temple where she learns more about Akshara’s family. Will she be able to uncover their connection? Also, will Madhav learn about Akshara and Abhira? Stay tuned for more updates.


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