Anupama 6th April 2024 Written Update Fighter Anu

Anupama 6th April 2024 Written Update Fighter Anu

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Anupama 6th April 2024 Written Update Fighter Anu. Anupama asks Anuj to take care of Aadhya because she always suffers from fever after taking an injection. Anuj asks her to get her treatment done. Pakhi tells Arush that she didn’t board the flight, she doesn’t care for Vanraj’s loss, and he can never find her in the big city. Arush calls her smart. Vanraj reaches Pakhi to cast his wrath. She is shocked to see Vanraj. She asks him how did he know her location. He says that she is smart, but Arush is a fool to put their pictures with location on the social network. He asks her how can she spend time with her boyfriend, by ruining her father’s peace. The doctor checks Anupama’s hand and tells them that they will know about the injury after the X-ray. She asks Anupama not to make any movement.

Anupama says that she has to participate in the cooking competition. Then the doctor says that it’s not possible now. Anupama gets worried. She weeps that she has lost a big opportunity. Anuj and Yashdeep are equally worried for Anupama, after knowing her painful condition. The doctor says that she will send the reports to Yashdeep. Shruti reaches Aadhya and apologizes to her that she couldn’t come on time. Anuj knows Anupama is in much pain, but she has handled Aadhya by forgetting herself. He finds that moment perfect. Anuj and Shruti take Aadhya home. On the other hand, Vanraj brings Pakhi home. He wants her to return to India. He asks Pakhi about Ishani’s FD. Pakhi says that she has used the money for her business. He turns disappointed.

Leela lectures Pakhi. Pakhi disrespects the elders. Hasmukh rebukes her for insulting Leela. Pakhi says that she wants her family to support her. Vanraj says that he has been supporting her for the last five years. She says that she will return the money once she gets the profits. She asks him to take the deposit as an investment. She compares the family with Arush, who has shown confidence in her. Vanraj tells her that Arush will take her money and fool her. He reveals that Arush is behind a big scam and he is still committing fraud. Pakhi doesn’t believe him. She says that she will prove them wrong. Kinjal asks what about Ishani. Pakhi asks her not to question Ishani. She calls herself an ambitious woman. She refuses to keep Pakhi in her house.

Paritosh and Kinjal tell Vanraj that they won’t support Pakhi. Pakhi says that she will find a place for herself. She urges them to stop interfering in her life. Shruti gets troubled by a work task. She finds Anuj taking care of Aadhya. Meanwhile, Yashdeep encourages Anupama. She weeps and blames herself for falling during the dance rehearsal. She feels she should have focussed on the cooking competition instead of risking everything. She feels guilty. Yashdeep asks her not to worry. She says that she had to do cooking. He asks her to drink the Haldi milk. She picks up the glass with her left hand. She says that she has pain in her right hand, but her other hand is fine. She says that she can cook with her left hand too. She knows it’s not easy, but not impossible.

She wants to fight the battle and win. Yashdeep is amazed by her confidence. She says that she has to get well soon to fulfill her goals. Yashdeep is all smiling to find the fighter Anupama back. Shruti reaches there to meet Anupama. On the contrary, Dimpy heads to meet Titu. She tells him that they aren’t happy, she is aware that Ansh can’t live without the Shah family, he won’t be happy without them, and she can’t take him away from them. She doesn’t want to pursue her love by hurting her family. She apologizes to him. She asks him to move on. He confesses love to her. She is grateful for his love. He accepts her decision.

Anupama 6th April 2024 Written Update Fighter Anu

He says that he can’t see her in pain, because he values her happiness over everything. He adds that he will never meet her from now on and continue to love her all his life. They cry sadly. Shruti meets Anupama and asks about her injury. Yashdeep says that Anupama will be fine in a few days. Shruti invites Anupama and Yashdeep to come to the wedding function. She asks for their help. She gives them the catering order for the function. She says that she has no other option. Yashdeep apologizes to Shruti and tells her that they can’t fulfill the order. Shruti understands their stand and asks them to surely attend the function.

Yashdeep asks Anupama to not think of taking the order. He knows Anupama will be hurt if she goes to Anuj’s wedding function. Anupama tells him that he didn’t do right, that they need money to save the restaurant and they should take up the order. She asks him to think about the restaurant instead of his employee. He says that her problem is his problem too, his staff is his family and he has to think about her. She says that she wants to save the restaurant. She urges him to call Shruti and confirm the order. Later, Anuj meets Anupama, who gives him a rude reply. Anupama gets hindered from participation in the next round. She requests the judges to give her a fair chance to prove her talent.


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