Jhanak 6th April 2024 Written Update Love strikes

Jhanak 6th April 2024 Written Update Love strikes

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Jhanak 6th April 2024 Written Update Love strikes. Appu and Anjana sympathize with Jhanak as she prepares to leave the house after her marriage ceremony. They’ve already begun missing her, but she can’t seem to forget the day she married Anirudh. She’s confused by her lingering feelings for him, which is something Anjana inquires about. However, Jhanak insists that she’s moved on and does her best to conceal any emotions that may linger. Understanding her inner turmoil, Anjana embraces her for comfort. Similarly, Appu also feels sad about Jhanak’s departure. To take her mind off things, Jhanak promises to cook a delicious dish for Appu. Despite handling all of Appu’s tantrums, Jhanak remains strong and focused. Anirudh heads to the market to shop for Jhanak and requests the shopkeeper for their most valuable and expensive saree.

After examining the variety of sarees, Anirudh ultimately selects one that costs one lakh rupees. He also purchases sarees for other family members. Shrishti scolds her daughter, Arshi, for not accompanying Anirudh on his shopping trip and not showing interest in Jhanak’s wedding. However, she believes it is unfair for Anirudh to handle all the expenses by himself and criticizes the entire Bose family. Shrishti suggests Arshi leave the Bose house to live abroad and pressures her into convincing Anirudh to consider a job opportunity overseas.

Shrishti suspects that something strange is going on with Anirudh’s behavior following the announcement of Jhanak’s wedding. She questions whether Anirudh truly loves Arshi or not, as it seems he has an unusual attraction towards Jhanak. Arshi becomes aware of this and is advised to keep a close eye on him, while her mother also gets involved in giving her instructions on how to handle him after their marriage. Shrishti reveals her plan to surprise everyone at Jhanak’s wedding by arranging for her to marry someone else, in an attempt to ruin her life and make Anirudh forget about her completely.

Anirudh arrives home with a warm welcome from Appu, who serves him a plate of scrumptious food. She shares that she will miss Jhanak after her marriage and hopes that Anirudh will consider marrying her. Jhanak feels an unfamiliar emotion within herself, knowing that she will eventually have to leave Anirudh’s house. However, when the time comes for their separation, she is taken aback by her pain and the realization of leaving him.

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