Pandya Store 6th April 2024 Written Update Natasha threatened

Pandya Store 6th April 2024 Written Update Natasha threatened

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Pandya Store 6th April 2024 Written Update Natasha threatened. Amba threatens Natasha. She says that Natasha has cheated on Chiku, and he will be heartbroken on knowing the truth, he will be leaving the family and going away forever by ending all ties. She asks Natasha to follow her instructions, or else Chiku will leave them forever. Natasha asks Amba why is she doing this when she tries to keep the family united. Amba wants revenge on Natasha and Chiku, who have troubled her sons so much. She says that she wants to get rid of Natasha. Natasha says that she had promised to not repeat the mistakes of the past. She asks Amba to give her a chance. Amba asks her not to boast about big things.

She says that Natasha will break her family once again. She asks Natasha to decide if she wants her brother or her husband. Dhawal feels hurt by Natasha’s actions. He weeps and thinks of Natasha’s upsetting behavior. Natasha shatters. She says that she can’t start her new life with Dhawal like a normal couple. Dhawal wants to know why did Natasha this. She feels sorry for hurting him.

The next day, Amba makes tea for her Bahus and adds some powder to it. She asks Chabeli to take the tea for them. Natasha wakes up. Dhawal questions her about the contract papers. She says that it was important. He regrets that they missed their first night. She says that her mental security is important. She asks him to trust her and give some time to their relationship. He doesn’t think life runs on love and trust, as she always projects. She asks him not to nag and just let things get back to normal. He says that the wounds will get deeper with her wrong behavior. She doesn’t have an answer. She asks him to accept the fact and move on. Suman tells the family that Natasha will get the Pandya Store rebuilt again.

Pandya Store 6th April 2024 Written Update Natasha threatened

Chiku doesn’t think Natasha cares for the store. Suman asks them not to find any job and just think of running the Pandya Store. Hetal and Pranali trust Natasha. Chabeli serves them the tea. Natasha stops Amrish to discuss reconstructing the Pandya Store. She says that she will use the raw material kept there. Amba wants Natasha to misbehave with Amrish and fall into his eyes. Suman learns that Natasha has sent the workers to fix Pandya Store. She is glad. She asks them to start their work. She praises Natasha.

Amrish asks Natasha why is she hurrying with it. Natasha reminds him that he can’t ask her anything. Dhawal is shocked by her behavior. Amrish refuses to sell the raw material to her. She threatens him of taking Dhawal away from the family. Dhawal questions Natasha about her selfish act. Amba traps Natasha.


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