YRKKH 6th April 2024 Written Update Abhira's pain

YRKKH 6th April 2024 Written Update Abhira’s pain

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YRKKH 6th April 2024 Written Update Abhira’s pain. Manish gets emotional seeing Akshara’s photo. He says that he will keep a puja for Akshara and make a big copy of the photo to fix in the hall. He doesn’t care if Ruhi sees it. Abhira decides to make a collage of Akshara and Abhinav’s pictures. Kajal blesses Krish for making a new start. Sanjay stays patient and wishes Kaveri’s words would come true. He asks Krish not to ruin his life. He stops Krish from using the car, cash, and cards. Krish returns everything. Sanjay wants him to get back to his senses. Abhira finds Krish in need of money. She offers him some money. Armaan learns Krish’s problem. He asks Krish to stay strong and walk on the right path. He feels bad for Krish. He says that he will drop Krish at the academy.

Abhira says that she can help Krish because nobody regards her family. Armaan says that he can drop Abhira at her office. She says that she is going somewhere else. She avoids Armaan. He wonders what happened to her. Krish calls them the cutest couple in the house. Charu gives her input on the case. Dev tells her that she isn’t a rebound for him, he has no time for affairs, he loves her and he isn’t lying. She replies that she loves him too. Abhira finds Dev and Charu in a moment and learns about their relationship. Charu spots Abhira watching them. She runs after her. Abhira gets engaged in work. Charu goes on to clarify. She admits that Dev and she are in love. Abhira can’t believe this. Charu seeks Abhira’s support. She asks her not to reveal anything to Armaan. Armaan calls Abhira and asks about the good luck toy. She says that it’s with her and she will get it home.

She asks him to collect the photo frame from the photo studio but does not check it. Charu thanks Abhira for hiding the truth. Abhira says that she will soon tell Armaan about it. Charu asks her to test Dev if she wants. She promises to tell Dev about it. Armaan reaches the photo studio to collect the frame. He comes across Manish but misses to see him. Manish and Abhira check the photo frames and realize that the pictures have been swapped. Armaan wants to see the photo. Abhira tries to hide it. She doesn’t want to tell anyone about Akshara’s birthday. Manish and Abhira want to go to the photo studio and find out who has ordered the other frame. Ruhi reaches Abhira’s room and finds Akshara’s photo, which triggers the pain of her past. She drops the frame and breaks it. She angrily tears the photo. Abhira rushes back to her room to check the frame. She doesn’t find Ruhi.

She gets to see the torn picture. She sees Kaveri there. She thinks Kaveri has torn the photo in anger. She stops Kaveri from trashing it and takes the photo, saying it’s her mom’s picture. Armaan reaches there. Abhira blames Kaveri for tearing the photo. Kaveri says that she didn’t tear the photo. Abhira demands to know who did it. Armaan stops Abhira. Kaveri tells him that Abhira can never become sensible like Ruhi. Ruhi calls up Manish. Surekha informs her that Manish has gone for puja work. Ruhi questions her further. She rushes to the temple to meet Manish. Abhira cries and fixes the picture. Manish gets some information about Akshara.


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