Jhanak 7th April 2024 Written Update Perfect Time

Jhanak 7th April 2024 Written Update Perfect Time

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Jhanak 7th April 2024 Written Update Perfect Time. Appu urges Anirudh to place a garland of flowers around Jhanak’s neck. Despite feeling overwhelmed, Anirudh follows through with Appu’s suggestion. Jhanak reprimands both Appu and Anirudh for their actions. Anirudh presents Jhanak with gifts he has purchased, but she refuses to accept them, expressing her frustration. In an awkward moment, Appu reveals that Anirudh is in love with Jhanak. The two are left staring at each other, at a loss for words. On the contrary, Tejas, Avinash, and Shrishti are deep in conversation about their strategy of groom swapping in the mandap.

Tejas enlists Avinash’s help in luring Jhanak to him. Shrishti devises a plan to trick Jhanak and prevent her from resisting. They also scheme to quickly capture Jhanak and flee to Kashmir. Shrishti convinces Tejas to kidnap Jhanak for the sake of her daughter’s tranquility. Jhanak accidentally cuts her finger, yet she doesn’t let it hinder her from completing her household tasks. While Appu suggests she tend to her wound, Jhanak persists with her work. Appu then reaches out to Anirudh for first aid. Upon seeing her injury, Anirudh becomes concerned and quickly brings the medicine box to give her initial treatment.

Jhanak brushes off the incident, but Anirudh examines her wound more closely. He decides to take over serving the food as they both feel uneasy being close. Triggered by Jhanak’s betrayal, Tejas’s vengeful attitude resurfaces as he plans to abduct her to inflict brutal revenge and assert his power over her. He also prepares her belongings, determined to prevent any attempts at making excuses. Anirudh insists on feeding Jhanak himself, but she refuses to accept food from him. Despite her resistance, Anirudh remains persistent and eventually manages to feed both Jhanak and Appu. He brings up the topic of their marriage once again, urging Jhanak to reconsider her decision and reminding her that Rahul is waiting for her.

Jhanak 7th April 2024 Written Update Perfect Time

However, Jhanak pays no attention to Anirudh’s words and firmly stands by her choice. She declares that no one can change her mind, even when he reminds her to think about her career. Shrishti and Tejas are worried that Anirudh and Jhanak might ruin their plan. Shrishti is determined to get rid of Jhanak’s name, while Tejas wants to use her for his revenge. Even though the elders will ask Jhanak to eat, she will disregard them by refusing. Unexpectedly, Appu reveals that Anirudh and Jhanak have already shared a meal together, surprising everyone with their confession. Appu says that Jhanak already had food.

Bipasha asks if she has eaten the food from their share. Anirudh clears to them that he had ordered food separately because he was hungry after shopping for long hours. Arshi doubts Anirudh’s intentions to spend time with Jhanak. She says that he knew about the family’s outing and Jhanak’s alone time at home, so he came home early to be with her. Anirudh reacts in anger. Tanuja asks Arshi not to be surprised if Jhanak has called Anirudh home. Appu asks them not to worry because both Jhanak and Anirudh have fed the food to each other. Arshi appears shocked. Jhanak gets scared to face the family’s questions once again.

Jhanak 7th April 2024 Written Update Perfect Time


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