2 Revelations in Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2024

2 Revelations in Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2024

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2 Revelations in Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2024. As Imlie sheds tears, Surya encourages her to taste the food. However, she declines, stating that she is not hungry. Agreeing with her, Surya promises to inform her about his family. In response, Imlie urges him to be truthful about their wedding. Assuring her that he will reveal the truth once she accomplishes her exam and achieves success in life, Surya also asks for her promise not to press for answers before the exam. Together, they share a meal. Meanwhile, Anjali spots them through the window.

Later on, Malti informs Anjali over a phone call that Raghu is aware of Imlie’s whereabouts but insists on being bailed first – however, this seems impossible at the moment. Undeterred, Anjali declares that she will arrange for Raghu’s bail. Surya enters the kitchen, looking for his daily cup of coffee, but is pleasantly surprised to find Imlie baking a cake. It’s his and Agasyta’s birthday today. Surya thanks Imlie for letting him know about the special day. He also mentions that he wants Indira to know about it too. Anjali has bailed Raghu out and instructs him to share any information he has about Imlie.

Meanwhile, an excited Indira prepares to celebrate Surya’s birthday. She takes his blessings while Mahesh offers to order a cake. Indira asks Hemalata to decorate the house, but she suggests that Indira take some rest instead. As Imlie begins preparing the dosa, Surya teases her. He offers to assist, but she declines. Despite her efforts, the dosa turns out poorly and Surya mocks her for burning it. Finally, Imlie asks for Surya’s help and he reminds her to ask politely. While Surya takes over making the dosa, Imlie works on the sambar. He points out that tamarind is missing in the dish. Later, a big truth comes in front of Imlie. Imlie realizes that Surya is Agasyta’s killer. Can she forgive Surya? Stay tuned.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th April 2024:

Arjun states that he dropped Natasha off at this house. Monty urges him to cease his actions, while requesting the police inspector to arrest Arjun. The inspector reveals that they have obtained additional evidence and escorts Arjun to the police station. Despite denying any wrongdoing, Arjun maintains his innocence. Aditya claims that Isha’s medical report will prove the truth, as she arrives on the scene. However, upon examining the report, they discover no indication of a culprit. Isha explains that she had managed to scratch the culprit’s hand during her escape and suggests that the inspector check Arjun’s hand for a scratch. As Arjun complies and reveals a scratch on his hand, he is left stunned.

Kaashvi inquires about it. Arjun claims Natasha is to blame for his scratch. Aditya urges him to stop lying. He then asks Kaashvi if she also doubts him. She reminds him that the evidence points towards him and requests the police inspector to obtain a DNA sample. Arjun is taken into custody and insists on his innocence, swearing on Karun’s name. Kaashvi expresses her desire to speak with Arjun, challenging him to prove his innocence. He explains that he simply dropped off Natasha at her house, but she counters with the existence of CCTV footage that proves his innocence.






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