Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2024 Written Update Lakshmi's identity

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2024 Written Update Lakshmi’s identity

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Bhagya Lakshmi 7th April 2024 Written Update Lakshmi’s identity. Rishi and Lakshmi survey the warehouse but do not catch sight of each other. One of Ranjit’s men informs him that Rishi has returned. Ranjit assumes Rishi is back to seek revenge and decides not to leave his side. Harleen notices Rohan’s sore throat and suggests he rest. She then asks Anushka to fetch some juice for him before sending her on her way. As the detective prepares to show Malishka a photo of Lakshmi, she receives an urgent phone call. The photo accidentally falls into cow dung when the wind blows it away. As a result, the detective is unable to present it to her.

After the call, Malishka asks the detective about Parvati’s abductor and he reveals it was Ranjit who kept her in the warehouse. She requests to see evidence, but the detective explains he can only show it from a distance as going against Ranjit would be risky. Despite this limitation, Malishka agrees to see what proof he has. Malishka requests police assistance for Oberoi and Lakshmi’s safety. However, the inspector explains that they cannot accompany her without approval from their superior. Shalu argues with the authorities but is asked to stand aside. Meanwhile, Ranjit and Rishi separately spot Lakshmi. Acting quickly, Rishi decides to hold a knife to Ranjit’s throat and demands to know Lakshmi’s whereabouts.

In response, Ranjit pulls Lakshmi towards him while one of his accomplices covers Rishi’s head with a gunny sack. As a result, both Lakshmi and Rishi are rendered unconscious by Ranjit’s men and are unable to see each other’s faces. Anushka informs Rohan that Rishi called her with the news that he had rescued Parvati. Excited by this, Rohan shares it with Harleen and then with other family members. However, Anushka later admits to Harleen that she had made up the story because Rohan was not eating. Impressed by Anushka’s concern for Rohan, Harleen praises her. Curious about the man who always saves Lakshmi, Ranjit asks his men for more information.

They suggest he may be Lakshmi’s husband, causing Ranjit to scold them and clarify that he is soon to be Lakshmi’s husband. Upon arriving at the warehouse, Malishka immediately spots Rishi passed out, and there is a mysterious woman around, possibly Lakshmi teacher. Struggling to get a good look at her face, Malishka is interrupted by Ranjit’s men mentioning the potential arrival of Shalu and the need to flee. Taking charge, Ranjit declares that he will take Lakshmi and instructs his men to deal with Oberoi. Without hesitation, Ranjit hoists Lakshmi onto his shoulder. Malishka fails to see Lakshmi.


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