Bhagya Lakshmi 8th April 2024 Written Update Rishi misses Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 8th April 2024 Written Update Rishi misses Lakshmi

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Bhagya Lakshmi 8th April 2024 Written Update Rishi misses Lakshmi. Ranjit carries Lakshmi in his arms as Malishka watches, unable to see her face hidden by a Chunri. Meanwhile, Ranjit’s men plot to end Rishi’s life. Malishka quickly throws a rope at them, but they turn their attention to her. However, Rishi suddenly wakes up and stands up to the goons. Concerned, he asks Malishka what happened. She reveals that Ranjit has taken Lakshmi away. Rishi decides to first restrain the goons and then rescue Lakshmi. Shalu desperately pleads with the police for help, but they inform her that their senior officer has yet to return and it will take some time for them to take action. Anxious for Lakshmi’s safety, Shalu fears the worst. After Ranjit’s car breaks down, Rishi attempts to catch him but Ranjit manages to flee.

Rishi then turns to Parvati and informs her that Ranjit escaped with Lakshmi in a car. He asks Malishka to contact the detective and gather more information on Ranjit’s whereabouts. After making the call, Malishka relays the detective’s promise to investigate further. Later, Rishi suggests that Malishka seek assistance from the police. She agrees and Rohan arrives with positive news – Rishi has successfully rescued Parvati from her kidnappers. Neelam inquires if Rishi had called for Rohan’s help, but he reveals that Anushka was the one contacted by Rishi. Upon hearing this, Neelam promptly summons Anushka to her room without delay. Ranjit contacts Vijender, informing him that he is bringing Lakshmi to his house immediately and intends to marry her there.

However, Vijender initially refuses to agree. In response, Ranjit issues a threat: if Vijender doesn’t comply, Ranjit will reveal his affair to everyone. Seeing no other option, Vijender gives in to Ranjit’s demands. Meanwhile, Rishi and Parvati embark on a search for Lakshmi, checking each of Ranjit’s hideouts. Unbeknownst to them, Neelam approaches Anushka and inquires about Rishi’s whereabouts. Anushka responds with a lie – she hasn’t heard from Rishi and only told Rohan so to get him to eat. This leads Neelam to comment on both Rohan and Rishi’s actions. Ranjit brings Lakshmi to the Sarpanch’s house and asks Vijender to retrieve Pandit for the marriage ceremony. Agreeing, Vijender departs from the location.

Avinash later arrives at the office and notices that Ayush is not present. Concerned, he informs the Oberoi family that Ayush cannot be found. Anushka speculates that Ayush may have gone to rescue Parvati and updates the family accordingly. She then attempts to call Ayush, who answers and reveals that he is currently in Gurdaspur. Karishma takes the phone from Anushka and reprimands Ayush for his actions, criticizing Parvati in the process. Neelam also voices her disapproval towards Ayush before he eventually ends the call. Shalu observes the inaction of the cops and decides to take matters into her own hands by acquiring a gun from them. Despite her initial attempt to involve the cops, they advise her against vigilante actions.

Frustrated, Shalu takes matters into her own hands and heads off alone to rescue Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Ayush seeks assistance from the police station to save Parvati. With no leads on Lakshmi, Parvati turns to Rishi for guidance. Rishi encourages Parvati not to give up hope, prompting her to remark on his similarity to Lakshmi’s words. She questions whether he learned this from Lakshmi herself.


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