Kavya 9th April 2024 Written Update Stunning Naagin

Kavya 9th April 2024 Written Update Stunning Naagin

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Kavya 9th April 2024 Written Update Stunning Naagin. As Badi Amma warns Bunty to be cautious, he in turn reminds her that Kavya needs to also watch out for him. Seeing this interaction, Giriraj quickly intervenes and takes Bunty away, cautioning him not to touch Kavya until after the elections. Switching to another conversation, Anurag questions Badi Amma on how they plan to send Bunty to jail after Adi receives money from him. With confidence, Badi Amma explains that they have a witness who was hurt by gas leakage from Bunty’s factory and she provided financial aid for their son’s treatment. She assures Anurag that the witness will cooperate as instructed.

Anurag admires Badi Amma’s cunning plan. Meanwhile, Kavya tries to persuade Adi not to accept money from Bunty due to an ongoing legal case against him. However, Malini jumps in and makes a snide remark towards Kavya. Adi insists he can handle it and tells Kavya that he will indeed take the cheque from Bunty with or without her support. Kavya reluctantly agrees but suggests they both attend the party together. Adi refuses and even goes as far as cutting her saree. Adi mentions that the evening party is a Bollywood theme. Kavya trusts his statement, while Mayank speaks with Sujoy. Sujoy inquires about their options for the funds.

Without a solution in mind, Mayank turns to Anurag for help. Anurag suggests that Mayank could fabricate a story about receiving money from Sujoy’s uncle. Acting upon this advice, Mayank calls Kavya and informs her that they have secured the funds thanks to Sujoy’s uncle’s sponsorship. Kavya arrives at Bunty’s party dressed as a Naagin, initially thinking she has come to the wrong event. Adi later ridicules her and suggests she leave since he explicitly told her not to attend. Disheartened, Adi departs from the party. Upon seeing Kavya’s attire, Giriraj advises her to leave and avoid any embarrassment.

Kavya 9th April 2024 Written Update Stunning Naagin

However, Bunty welcomes the Pradhan family to join in on the festivities at his party. Kavya expects to be delayed in changing into party attire, leaving her worried about Bunty giving Adi a check and taking a photo together. However, she still arrives at the party dressed as Naagin. The other guests find it amusing and Adi approaches her, asking her to leave because of the ridicule. Despite this, Kavya shrugs off the criticism. Meanwhile, the Bansal family views a news report of Kavya’s costume choice at Bunty’s party and believes it is an attempt by the Pradhan family to humiliate her. Faced with embarrassment from the laughter of others, Kavya decides to formally introduce herself as Naagin to the rest of the guests and just get ahead to fulfill her goal.


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