Udaariyaan 9th April 2024 Written Update Aasma traps RV

Udaariyaan 9th April 2024 Written Update Aasma traps RV

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Udaariyaan 9th April 2024 Written Update Aasma traps RV. Aasma’s search for Armaan intensifies as she becomes convinced Ranvijay is behind his disappearance. A video showing Ranvijay in the jungle fuels her suspicion, especially since Armaan’s watch is also seen. Ekam, despite his presence, misses any sign of Armaan during a raid on Ranvijay’s place. Aasma directly confronts Ranvijay, begging for information on Armaan’s whereabouts, but his dismissive attitude only strengthens her doubts.

Determined to find Armaan, Aasma takes a drastic step. She blackmails Ranvijay into a staged temple wedding with the help of a priest. Aasma reasons that creating a public scandal might trigger information leading to Armaan. She tricks Ranvijay into believing she’s trying to protect his image. He offers her a blank cheque to make the act more believable.

At the temple, Aasma pleads with the priest to go along with the charade, emphasizing her desperation to save Armaan. The priest reluctantly agrees. The fake wedding unfolds with Aasma internally conflicted, clinging to the hope that this ploy will work. Ranvijay remains arrogant throughout, even offering Aasma money to disappear after the act.

The climax arrives at the engagement party where Ranvijay introduces his lover Jia. Aasma plays the recorded wedding ceremony for everyone to see, including the media. This public humiliation exposes Ranvijay as a married man, potentially damaging his career and social standing. Aasma’s gamble leaves everyone stunned, particularly Ranvijay’s girlfriend Jia. The media bombards Ranvijay with questions about Aasma’s identity and the sudden marriage.

As the episode concludes, Aasma stands amidst the chaos, her mind consumed by worry for Armaan. While the plan has brought public attention to the situation, it remains unclear if this will translate into finding Armaan. Ranvijay, exposed and bewildered, demands an explanation from Aasma. The tension simmers as Aasma braces for the fallout from her actions.


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