GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update New Track

GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update New Track

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GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update New Track. Harini inquires with Savi about her plans to leave the house. Savi reassures her that she is not second-guessing herself. She wants to make her parents and grandparents proud. Additionally, she wants to show gratitude towards Ishaan for his support and mentorship by buying him a gift with the money she has saved while working at a café. Shikha jots down an address after receiving a call. Savi happens to pass by and suggests she join her, as she wants to purchase a gift for Ishaan as well. Shikha declines, citing pending household chores.

However, Savi notices her purse and asks if she has plans to go out. Shikha clarifies that she was simply retrieving the purse to send a servant on an errand for Gudi Padwa festivities. Later on, while at a boutique, Savi admires a T-shirt and imagines Ishaan wearing it. She considers other options such as shirts, but realizes they may not suit his taste. A salesgirl takes notice and inquires if she is shopping for her husband and offers assistance. Savi describes Ishaan and sings praise of him. As Savi chooses her hand cufflinks, she catches sight of Shikha outside the boutique and calls out to her.

Shikha appears oblivious and hops into an auto, prompting Savi to tail her. Upon reaching a hotel, Shikha anxiously strides towards a specific room. Savi inquires with the hotel staff if they have seen someone in a green dress, but receives a negative response. Meanwhile, Shikha makes her way to Chinmay’s room and spots him approaching her while holding a glass of alcohol. She seems scared of him. Savi goes ahead to gift the cuff links to Ishaan and confesses her feelings. Ishaan rejects Savi’s love in anger. Savi soon realizes that her love is one-sided. Keep reading for GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update coming shortly.

GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update New Track

GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update New Track:

Chinmay pulls Shikha inside the room, while Savi reaches the corridor. She sees the alcohol bottles kept there and wonders how Shikha came to such a strange place. She calls Shikha. Shikha doesn’t take the call. Chinmay stares at Shikha and snatches her phone. Savi asks the manager about Shikha, by showing her photo. The manager says that many such people come to book the hotel room for a few hours, and he doesn’t remember anyone. Savi leaves the shady hotel. She waits outside to get some information. She sees a little girl running on the road to pick a ball. She runs to save the girl from a speeding bike. Savi gets busy in the argument with the biker. Shikha exits the hotel. Savi doesn’t see her.

GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update New Track

Ishaan comes home and looks for Savi. Shikha comes home weeping. Ishaan borrows Shikha’s phone to call Savi. Savi takes the call. Ishaan says that he took Shikha’s phone to call her because his phone battery is dead. She realizes that Shikha reached home. He asks her whereabouts. She says that she came for shopping, but will be home soon. Savi comes home and asks Shikha about her outing. Shikha lies that she was at home and didn’t go anywhere. Savi is alerted by Shikha’s shocking lie. She asks Shikha if she is okay. Shikha hides about Chinmay’s arrival. Savi tries hard to help Shikha. She says that Shikha can share her problems anytime. Ishaan meets Savi and asks her why is she preparing for Gudi Padwa.

He is disappointed seeing her average marks. He says that she is involved in family matters, but she has to focus on her studies. She understands his concern. He said that she would solve the question papers and submit them to him. He wants her good results. He makes a timetable for her. He says that she has to top the exams. He doesn’t want to fail in teaching her. She promises to keep his name. Savi studies hard to keep up with Ishaan’s words. Anvi meets her and asks her to wear the saree gifted by Surekha. She wants Savi to get ready on time. Savi agrees. Savi and Reeva buy gifts for Ishaan. They hope he likes their gifts.

GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update New Track

Savi loves the saree. Swati tells Reeva that Surekha has sent a saree for her and said Reeva will soon become Ishaan’s wife. Reeva gets happy. Savi decks up willingly and thinks of Ishaan. Reeva too looks stunning in her festive attire. They try to restrict themselves. Later, Savi surprises the family with her look and interest in festive affairs.

Asmita compliments Savi. Shikha and Anvi are happy to see Savi. Surekha has already promised Swati to make Reeva her Bahu. She isn’t pleased with Savi’s efforts. Yashwant goes to Surekha and jokes to make her smile. He wants her annoyance to end. He wishes her for the festive. She is upset about Chinmay’s matter. He asks her to fight with him, but not stay upset. She says that Chinmay won’t come if she vents anger. Savi finds much love between them. Shikha also agrees. Yashwant asks Surekha if she cares for her son more than him. He welcomes Reeva and her parents. Surekha compliments Reeva and gives her new hopes of becoming her Bahu. Ishaan walks in and receives everyone’s wishes.

Savi finds Reeva lost in Ishaan’s eyes. Reeva and Ishaan wish each other well. Savi tells him that she will study and celebrate the festive at the same time. Ishaan finds Reeva struggling to remove a necklace. He offers help. He gets reminded of their past relationship when he sees his name tattooed on her neck. Savi finds them sharing a moment. Yashwant asks Ishaan to perform the rituals. Surekha wants Reeva to perform the rituals with him. Asmita stops Surekha and takes her aside. She says that Surekha shouldn’t break the tradition by bringing Reeva forward. She suggests that Savi does the rituals with Ishaan. Surekha gets speechless after hearing Asmita’s reasoning. Stay tuned.

GHKKPM 10th April 2024 Written Update New Track


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