Jhanak 10th April 2024 Written Update Secret Love

Jhanak 10th April 2024 Written Update Secret Love

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Jhanak 10th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh’s love. Anirudh cares for Jhanak, and she questions his feelings. He hesitates to admit what he feels for her. Although Anirudh has showered Jhanak with numerous extravagant gifts, she is hesitant to accept them. He assures her that she deserves these luxurious items. As Jhanak begins to long for her mother Urvashi, Anirudh sympathizes with her, but he also expresses frustration that she hasn’t followed his advice. Jhanak defends herself, saying she has tried everything within her power, but fate has not allowed her to become independent. Anirudh is upset by Jhanak’s hasty decision to marry an older man without considering the consequences. He questions her about why she would choose to end her life in such a way.

Jhanak confidently responds that she had no other option but to leave the house and this would ensure she never returned. Anirudh asks if she will miss him after getting married, to which Jhanak poses the same question. Both of them feel uneasy and empathize with the pain of potentially being separated. Meanwhile, Choton enlists a group of children to help him deceive the school principal. Despite their troublesome behavior, he uses them to prove his lies and asks them to pretend they are his kids. The children become quite a handful and even Choton is annoyed by their antics. Eventually, they all enter the principal’s office and cause a commotion.

They even demand food from her, much to her annoyance. However, despite feeling irritated, the principal’s kind heart leads her to allow them to have their desired meal. She instructs the guard to bring them their requested food. Upon receiving sympathy from the Principal, Choton presents his books and is granted permission to distribute them among his fellow students. The Principal, displaying her sympathetic behavior, also allows them to use the car for transportation. Choton expresses his gratitude and acknowledges the Principal’s kindness. Meanwhile, Jhanak is bombarded with questions from her family about the gifts she received from Anirudh. However, she denies having accepted any presents from him.

Despite the grand wedding arranged by the Bose family, they continue to criticize Jhanak in every possible way. Suddenly, Anirudh arrives with all of the gifts in hand. Arshi and Bipasha assume that he got the gifts for them. He clears their misunderstanding. Shrishti guesses that he got the clothes for Jhanak. He says that he wants Jhanak to wear the clothes he brought for her for the Ashirwad ritual. He doesn’t want to listen to Arshi or anyone else. He makes his decision clear to them. Jhanak gets stressed.

Jhanak 10th April 2024 Written Update Secret Love


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