Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2024 Written Update Evil Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2024 Written Update Evil Nidhi

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Kundali Bhagya 10th April 2024 Written Update Evil Nidhi. Preeta enquires from Varun if he will take on the responsibility of looking after Kavya. Varun assures Preeta not to worry about Kavya. After she leaves, Mahesh confronts the intruders and questions their presence. One of the goons rudely tells him to quiet down and reveals that they are thieves who have knocked out the others for an hour. Rakhi regains consciousness and fiercely fights off the goons, while Dadi, Mahesh, and Sukhwinder join in to defend themselves. Amidst all this chaos, Daljeet desperately tries to wake up Shanaya while sobbing uncontrollably. However, Aarohi cautions her against being too loud as it may alert the goons.

Daljeet takes out her anger on Aarohi and instructs Nidhi to call a doctor. As soon as Shanaya regains consciousness, she asks Daljeet if everyone is okay but she accuses her of caring more about them than they do for her. Rajveer questions if Anshuman is responsible for the recent events. He dials Anshuman’s number and inquires about his involvement with the goons at Luthra’s house. Anshuman feigns ignorance. Rajveer then updates him about the situation with the goons. Shaurya appears and asks Rajveer if he is speaking to the police. Rajveer clarifies that it is a business call before leaving.

Nidhi spots Karan and tails him. Karan asks her if she can stay with Preeta for her safety, as Preeta is not in a position to defend herself. He informs her that Preeta is currently in the guest room and departs. In the meantime, Aarohi overhears their conversation and shares with Nidhi that Karan only cares about Preeta’s well-being. She speculates that Karan wants Nidhi to be Preeta’s bodyguard. Agreeing with Aarohi, Nidhi reveals that she even faked a suicide attempt, much to Aarohi’s shock. Nidhi assures Aarohi that her actions were deliberate and not a result of foolishness.

She explains that she had hoped Karan would fall in love with her, but he did not. However, she believes he will accept her if Preeta is out of the picture. Sandy reveals to Shaurya his strong dislike for Rajveer. Shaurya also believes Rajveer is responsible for all the chaos and suspects he is keeping something from them. While being pursued by goons, Alia manages to escape while they capture the Luthra women and Sukhwinder. Preeta comes to their aid and helps them flee safely. Kavya is told by Roma about Varun’s deep love for her, while Varun makes a promise to always protect her.

As Roma steps away momentarily, Varun reminds Kavya of the importance of trust in their relationship and urges them to have faith in each other no matter what happens. Nidhi says that she put in a great deal of effort for this family, but they ultimately replaced her with someone else. Aarohi suggests that Preeta should be asked to leave. Aarohi then presents a picture of Preeta to the Goon. However, Nidhi believes that her actions are justified. Nidhi bribes the goon and asks him to kill Preeta.


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