YRKKH 10th April 2024 Written Update Armaan saves Abhira

YRKKH 10th April 2024 Written Update Armaan saves Abhira

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YRKKH 10th April 2024 Written Update Armaan saves Abhira. Abhira rushes to stop the bulldozer from crushing the resort. The man says that he has all the permission to demolish the building. Abhira comes in front of the bulldozer to stop it. Armaan reaches there and runs to save her. Manoj gets insulted by Sanjay, but Manisha defends the former. She says that Armaan has always supported Manoj for his talent. Kaveri agrees to let Manoj fight the case. Armaan sends a bouquet for Kaveri. She gets his sorry note, which doesn’t make any difference. Armaan threatens the man to take the bulldozer away. He angrily rebukes Abhira for risking her life. She says that she has nothing else than her house. He consoles her. He says that he will reconstruct the resort and make it functional like before. He speaks to the person in charge and tells that he wants to support his wife in saving her home.

Abhira smiles happily. Armaan cheers her up. She tells him that she wants to tell him something. Vidya calls him and asks about Abhira. Armaan says that he has solved the problem. Abhira doesn’t want to talk to anyone at the moment. Manisha asks Armaan to keep his wife happy. Manoj and Sanjay arrive home. Manoj shares the good news of his success. Everyone congratulates him. Manoj gives the credit to Armaan. Ruhi feels jealous hearing about Armaan and Abhira. She gets sweets for the family. She congratulates Armaan for handling everything so well. She asks if Abhira is okay. Armaan tells her that he will stay back in Mussoorie for a few days. Ruhi drops the sweets and appears shocked. Manisha notices Ruhi’s reaction. She asks Armaan to spend time with Abhira. She says that the couple will have their honeymoon. Ruhi gets upset.

Manisha says that Armaan and Abhira will share their sorrow. Armaan looks for Abhira. She gets a document and asks him to sign it. He asks her if she is rushing for the divorce. She is upset with his joke. She says that she will pay back the resort construction charges later, even if he is very rich and doesn’t need the money. He trashes the paper. He says that he isn’t doing any favors to her because Akshara died while saving his life. She asks him not to take more guilt. He tells her that he will not sign on the paper. He saves her from getting hurt. They land into a moment. Ruhi fears of losing Armaan. Later, Abhira is seen trying to cut a wood log. She hurts Armaan unknowingly.

YRKKH 10th April 2024 Written Update Armaan saves Abhira

They have banter and she gives the woodcutting task to him. Kaveri is proud of Manoj. He thanks her and asks her to forgive Armaan. Manisha also apologizes to Kaveri. She says that Armaan and Abhira will get a chance to make cute memories in Mussoorie. Madhav and everyone ask Kaveri to share her love story with them. Kaveri agrees to share about her life. She tells them about Mussoorie, a special place that has love in the air. Abhira watches Armaan cutting the wood. She keeps her feelings hidden from Armaan.


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