1 Big revelation in Pandya Store breaks Natasha Chiku bond

1 Big revelation in Pandya Store breaks Natasha Chiku bond

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1 Big revelation in Pandya Store breaks Natasha Chiku bond. Amid a celebration, Bhavin and Chiku engage in a physical altercation, with Chiku emerging victorious. Meanwhile, Dhawal and Natasha caught up in their dance, realize Chiku is missing. Bhavin and Chiku’s scuffle intensifies, resulting in both of them getting drenched in colors and a nearby puddle. Despite Dhawal’s attempts to intervene, Chiku blames Natasha for not standing up for him, leading her to assert that it’s their matter to resolve. Natasha manages to calm Chiku down, redirecting their focus towards a puja. Shalini receives news about the puja at Pandya Store. Chiku orchestrates a distraction to separate Amrish from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Natasha apologizes to Dhawal, who confronts her about hiding something and expresses his frustration at feeling powerless to help her. Despite Natasha’s emotional turmoil, she remains unable to confide in him. As the festivities continue, Dhawal and Natasha are swept up in the Holi celebrations, ending up in a water tub. Amidst the revelry, Chiku confronts Amrish aggressively, repeatedly submerging his head in the water tub. Natasha and Dhawal rush to intervene, with Natasha resorting to threatening self-harm to compel Chiku to stop. Eventually, he relents, leaving Amrish. Concerned for Amrish’s safety, Natasha and Dhawal decide to find Chiku and Amrish before matters escalate further.

However, Isha’s revelation about Amrish’s provocation adds a new layer of tension. Chiku confronts Isha, demanding the truth, leading her to confess to being manipulated by Natasha. Disheartened by Natasha’s betrayal, Chiku grapples with the realization that she prioritized the Makwanas over her own family. Ultimately, Natasha’s actions leave a rift within the family, as Chiku comes to terms with the depth of her deception. Amba realizes she can no longer control Natasha using this secret as leverage. Chiku is left disillusioned, grappling with the weight of Natasha’s betrayal and the realization that familial bonds were sacrificed for personal gain. While performing pujan, Natasha will be interrupted by Chiku who accuses her of cheating him and expresses his wish for no one else to have a sister like her. In addition, he announces his plan to leave forever. Natasha is in tears, while Dhawal isn’t aware of the entire matter.






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