Aankh Micholi Upcoming Kesar reveals Rukmani's affair

Aankh Micholi Upcoming Kesar reveals Rukmani’s affair

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Aankh Micholi Upcoming Kesar reveals Rukmani’s affair. Sumedh expresses concern for Rukmani and suggests she break her fast, but she remains determined to continue. He advises her to take care and stay hydrated. Rupal offers Sumedh a dish to taste, but he declines, citing a cold. Rupal suspects he might be fasting, which Rukmani notices and urges him to drink water. Malhar pressures Rukmani to end her fast, but she firmly refuses, telling him to respect boundaries. Kesar questions Malhar about their conversation, and Rukmani explains she was suggesting he get married soon. Kesar advises Rukmani to focus on her marriage and avoid giving unsolicited advice. She instructs Rukmani to tend the tea shop with supplies and Malhar leaves.

Malhar expresses disbelief that Rukmani, once an IPS cadet, is now a housewife. Rukmani brushes off his comments, stating she’s going to her husband. Malhar thinks she’s putting on an act and expects her to be exposed soon. Rupal informs Kesar that Rukmani is fasting for Sumedh, but Shivani predicts she will break it soon. Rupal accuses Rukmani of showing off, claiming she’s fasting only for her husband’s sake. Malhar visits the tea stall and orders tea from Rukmani. Each time she serves it, he throws it on the floor and tells her to clean up. Rukmani calmly states that she’ll serve him whenever he orders, as customers are treated like gods in her husband’s shop.

Sumedh writes a message on the board, which uplifts Rukmani’s spirits. Rukmani starts feeling unwell. Pankti offers her chocolate, but Rukmani remembers her fast and declines. Shivani rushes to inform Kesar that Rukmani has broken her fast, but Rukmani admits she had forgotten but then remembered. Kesar scolds her for her negligence. Kesar discovers a love letter addressed to Rukmani and accuses her of cheating on Sumedh, alleging she had an affair in college. Sumedh, feeling hurt, confronts Rukmani about this revelation.






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