Divorce Twist in YRKKH Rohit's return Armaan's dilemma

Divorce Twist in YRKKH Rohit’s return Armaan’s dilemma

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Divorce Twist in YRKKH Rohit’s return Armaan’s dilemma. Abhira and Akshara’s best moment took place at the resort, which she fondly refers to as her home. Armaan, observing Abhira, becomes concerned that she may get hurt. In an unexpected turn of events, he accidentally kisses her. Charu and Aryan tell about the kiss moment to the family, and everyone watches it during a live session. After the kiss, Abhira and Arman become uncomfortable around each other. Manisha comments on their honeymoon-like behavior, while Ruhi becomes anxious.

Meanwhile, Abhira can’t help but think about Armaan, who confesses he can’t fall for her or go back to Ruhi either. As tensions rise, Ruhi loses patience while looking for Armaan at the resort. Unaware of her presence, Armaan is captivated by Abhira singing a song. He asks why she’s still awake and she explains that a guest is arriving soon. The two spend quality time together until Ruhi arrives unexpectedly with divorce papers for both of them, leaving them shocked. Ruhi demands Armaan and Abhira’s divorce. She isn’t able to tolerate their closeness. She says that though their marriage is for one year, they are drawn close to each other, which isn’t good for any of them.

She asks Armaan to sign the divorce papers and ends his temporary marriage for once and all. Abhira doesn’t know about Ruhi and Armaan’s conversation. Ruhi urges Armaan to listen to her. She reminds him that they met in the same resort and fell in love. She says that they can get married and spend time in the resort to make new memories. Armaan falls into a big dilemma. He can’t get rid of Abhira’s responsibility during such a tough phase of her life. He requests Ruhi to give him time to handle things. When will Rohit return? Keep reading.


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