Jhanak Upcoming 11th April 2024 Update Surprising gesture

Jhanak Upcoming 11th April 2024 Update Surprising gesture

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Jhanak Upcoming 11th April 2024 Update Surprising gesture. Anirudh wants to be a part of Jhanak’s wedding. He surprises everyone by bringing expensive clothes for her. Shrishti, Arshi, and Tanuja get upset because they have already bought many things for Jhanak. But Anirudh feels those items are cheap and fake. He even tells Mimi to return the phone he gave to Jhanak because it wasn’t earned. Mimi argues that she has already used the phone, but Anirudh reminds her that she hasn’t earned it. Jhanak says she doesn’t want the phone back if it’s used. When Arshi opens the gifts, she is shocked to see the valuable items Anirudh has bought for Jhanak, who is just a maid. Tanuja confronts Anirudh, asking why he is buying such expensive things for Jhanak. Jhanak politely refuses the gifts, saying she didn’t ask for them.

Bipasha compares Jhanak to a monkey and says she doesn’t deserve diamond jewelry. Anirudh gets upset and says he doesn’t need permission to give gifts. He doesn’t like Shrishti’s mean attitude towards Jhanak. He asks Jhanak to wear the clothes because she deserves them and he respects her. The next day, the wedding preparations begin. Avinash wants to marry Jhanak quickly, even though the Bose family says they won’t rush the wedding. Avinash makes up a story about his father being sick and says he will leave the city after the wedding.

Despite the family’s assurance not to delay the wedding for trivial reasons, Avinash is eager to hasten the marriage. He manipulates the situation by fabricating news about his father’s poor health, creating a sense of urgency. He also hints at leaving the city immediately after the wedding is done, adding to the pressure of the situation. The family finally agrees to keep the Ashirwad rasam for Avinash and Jhanak. Anirudh gets disheartened to see Jhanak getting away from him. Jhanak performs the rituals with Anirudh and touches his feet with much respect. Jhanak’s dedication and respect towards Anirudh shocks the family. Anirudh is moved to know that he has earned a special place in Jhanak’s heart. Keep reading.






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