Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2024 Written Update Neelam's lie

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2024 Written Update Neelam’s lie

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Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2024 Written Update Neelam summons Rishi. During a phone call with Neelam, Malishka reassures her that she is doing well. Neelam then asks to speak with Rishi, which Malishka agrees to and hands the phone over. Upon speaking with Rishi, Neelam reprimands him for leaving for Gurdaspur. She urges him to return home immediately, as Lakshmi has not regained consciousness and Parvati is left without anyone to care for her. Neelam goes on to criticize Parvati, calling her unlucky because her presence in Rishi’s life led him to Gurdaspur and caused Malishka’s injury. With urgency in her voice, Neelam demands that Rishi return home without delay. Meanwhile, Shalu searches for the Oberoi family.

Just as Shalu gives up hope of finding them, Rishi arrives and tells Parvati they will go see her mother. Impressed by his actions, Parvati praises Rishi for being an exceptional father. Observing their interaction, Malishka begins to think that Rishi would make a great husband too. She reflects on how since Parvati entered his life, he seems to only have eyes for her and no one else.

Malishka is informed of Neelam’s heart attack:

Upon waking, Lakshmi inquires about her daughter’s whereabouts from the nurse. The nurse informs her that Parvati is with her father. While Neelam updates Karishma on Rishi’s expected return home, Karishma expresses doubt due to Parvati and Lakshmi’s potential interference. Despite Karishma’s effort to stay awake all night hoping for Rishi’s arrival, she knows deep down that he will not come home. Meanwhile, the police arrive and take Lakshmi’s statement before informing Rishi that she has regained consciousness and they can now visit her. Parvati takes this opportunity to visit Lakshmi while Malishka receives a call revealing Neelam’s heart attack. Upon hearing the news, Rishi becomes worried and decides to accompany Malishka and Ayush to Mumbai.

Parvati tells Lakshmi that they were saved by Mr. Oberoi. Curious, Lakshmi asks where he is and the nurse informs them that he has left for Mumbai. A wave of sadness washes over Lakshmi as she realizes she didn’t get the chance to thank him. Just then, Shalu arrives and meets Lakshmi, relieved to see her safe and sound. Lakshmi inquires about their discharge and the nurse confirms they are free to leave. At the reception, Shalu offers to pay the bill but is surprised when the receptionist reveals it has already been taken care of. It dawns on Lakshmi that Oberoi must have paid it.

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2024 Written Update Neelam summons Rishi

Lakshmi returns home:

As they return home, Dadi sighs with relief upon seeing them unharmed. Excitedly, Lakshmi and Shalu recount how much Oberoi helped them. Dadi remarks that Oberoi truly regards Parvati as his daughter. Rishi urges the driver to increase their speed, but noticing a lack of quickness, he takes over behind the wheel. While on the phone with Parvati, she informs him that Lakshmi would like to speak with him. Rishi expresses his intention to speak with her at a later time. Parvati relays this message to Lakshmi.

Upon arriving home, Rishi is relieved to find Neelam in good health. Karishma reveals that Neelam did not have a heart attack and fabricated the story for them to return home as soon as possible. Ayush acknowledges how worried Rishi was for Neelam throughout their journey. Karishma also remarks on their mutual concern for everyone involved. Rishi shares his disapproval with Karishma, stating that her actions were unacceptable.

Neelam expresses her disapproval of Rishi’s behavior in going against her to save Parvati. She also reminds him that he should not prioritize Parvati over her, as Paro is not his daughter. Moreover, Neelam accuses Rishi of betraying Malishka by choosing to help Parvati instead of spending time with Malishka as planned. She emphasizes that this type of situation should not occur again.


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