Imlie 12th April 2024 Written Update Surya's confession

Imlie 12th April 2024 Written Update Surya’s confession

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Imlie 12th April 2024 Written Update Surya’s confession. Anjali approaches Surya to inquire if caring for Imlie is the only task at hand. Upon hearing from Jugnu that his aunt Indira paid off the dhaba owner, Surya urges him to terminate Imlie’s employment. The dhaba owner forcibly removes Imlie and instructs her to leave. Despite not blaming Indira, Imlie implores her to stop Surya from pursuing her. Jugnu advises her to wait while he accompanies her. The dhaba owner reminds Jugnu to focus on his work, leading him to resign from his position. Imlie insists that Jugnu should not leave and walks away. After learning that Imlie has departed, Surya arrives but is unable to find her due to Raghu and his gang members hiding nearby.

Just then, Tripathi appears and arrests Imlie for making threats. Surya shows up and takes custody of Imlie while Raghu and his gang continue lurking in the background. Surya brings Imlie to the jail and files a complaint against her. The two engage in a humorous argument, during which Surya suggests that Imlie can also file a complaint in his name, but she decides not to. Later, Surya mocks Imlie in front of the Tripathi family. Imlie retaliates by filing a complaint against Surya for killing her husband.

Raghu and his gang members patiently wait outside the police station for Imlie. In the meantime, Surya urges Tripathi to write in the report that Agastya’s death was an accident and reveals the whole truth of what happened with Imlie. He admits that one incident can change everything and takes full responsibility for Agastya’s demise. Lastly, Surya expresses his willingness to accept whatever punishment comes his way. What will Imlie decide? Will she be able to forgive Surya? Stay tuned and keep reading for more updates on your favorite shows.


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