YRKKH 12th April 2024 Written Update Divorce Thunder

YRKKH 12th April 2024 Written Update Divorce Thunder

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YRKKH 12th April 2024 Written Update Divorce Thunder. Ruhi breaks Armaan and Abhira’s moment. She tells them that she has booked a room. She adds that she has got many surprises for them. She lies to Abhira that she has come to help her in setting the resort. Abhira says that Armaan has already done the needful. She asks Ruhi what’s the surprise inside the envelope she is carrying. She rushes to help Kaka. Armaan asks Ruhi why did she come. She says that she has come to restart her love story with Armaan. He says that they have no future together. She asks him if he sees his future with Abhira. He denies it. She asks him to sign the divorce papers and break the marriage.

He tells her that just three months are left for the marriage to end. He doesn’t think it will be right to leave her responsibility before time. She says that he will fall in love with Abhira and three months is a big time for people to get close. She wants him to sign the papers. He refuses to sign. He tells her that he will not leave Abhira on Ruhi’s command. She tells him that she made a promise to Manish. She adds that she has told Manish about her decision to pursue her love. She takes Manish’s blessings and hopes Armaan marries her. She tells Armaan that he has to meet her family and talk about their marriage. She gives him an ultimatum. Armaan is in shock when Ruhi threatens to tell the truth to Abhira. Abhira welcomes Ruhi and takes her to the room.

On the other hand, Charu meets Dev. He romances her. She is tense about Ruhi finding out about their affair. She tells him that she wants to reveal the truth to her family. Dev asks for some time to win the child custody case. He assures that he will speak to her family about their marriage. She asks him if his ex knows about them. Dev’s ex-wife Sanjana walks in and learns about his new relationship. Sanjana tells him that he won’t win the case by winning sympathy from people.

YRKKH 12th April 2024 Written Update Divorce Thunder

Dev is sure to get his child’s custody this time. She observes Charu. Dev says that Charu is his intern. Charu excuses them for a talk. Sanjana asks Dev if he is sure about Charu. Dev doesn’t give her a right to question him about his choices. Meanwhile, Manisha is upset to learn that Ruhi has reached Mussoorie. She tells Vidya that Ruhi will break Armaan and Abhira’s marriage. Vidya doesn’t believe her. Manisha knows Ruhi’s vile intentions.

Armaan gets frustrated by Ruhi’s unexpected move. He angrily breaks things to express his emotional turmoil. He remembers his promise to Akshara. Abhira remembers Armaan and her moment. She gets busy dusting a carpet. Armaan comes there and cares for her. She says that he will always take care of her, so she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Armaan and Abhira have a moment. She feels love for him. They stumble and fall on the floor. Abhira wants to tell him that she loves him. Manish informs Swarna that Ruhi still loves the guy and wants the family to meet him. He wants Ruhi to marry the one she loves. He says that he just wants Ruhi’s happiness. Swarna dislikes Armaan.

YRKKH 12th April 2024 Written Update Divorce Thunder

She doesn’t think Ruhi can convince Armaan to marry. Abhira finds Ruhi jumping on the bed and killing the mosquitoes. She plays a dance and compliments Ruhi for doing a wonderful “Mosquito dance”. Abhira talks of Armaan and laughs. Ruhi isn’t pleased to hear their love tales. She questions Abhira about Armaan and her room. She asks Abhira to sleep separately because it’s not Poddar house that they pretend togetherness. Abhira asks her how can she make such a statement when she has no right to comment on their marriage. Ruhi calls it a fake marriage. Abhira angrily argues with her. Ruhi apologizes to Abhira.

She says that they will have fun around a bonfire. Armaan looks for Ruhi. He learns that Ruhi is in some trouble. He leaves the resort to save Ruhi. Even Abhira falls in danger when some goons reach the resort. Armaan is in dilemma over saving Ruhi or Abhira.


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