GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update Chinmay storms

GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update Chinmay storms

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GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update Chinmay storms. Savi’s day is shocking when she witnesses Ishaan falling on a road. Rushing to his aid, she narrowly avoids being hit by a speeding truck. In the aftermath, Ishaan reveals that the aggressor is his elder brother, Chinmay, married to Shikha and son of Surekha. Chinmay threatens Ishaan with violence, disavowing any fraternal bond between them, and walks away, leaving tensions high. Returning home, Ishaan discloses the incident to the family, prompting Asmita to question the reason behind Chinmay’s attack. Ishaan explains that he urged Chinmay to confront Yashwant, sending Shikha into a state of fearful recollection upon hearing Chinmay’s name. When Ishaan questions, Shikha denies any recent contact with Chinmay, concealing the truth to protect herself. Yashwant, adamant in his stance, refuses Chinmay’s entry into their lives, exacerbating Surekha’s unease.

Story till now:

Surekha confronts Yashwant about his knowledge of Chinmay’s presence in Pune, revealing her wish to meet her son. Yashwant, dismissive of Chinmay’s disrespectful behavior towards the family, recounts his refusal to answer his call. Meanwhile, Anvi and Durva, aware of the tension, prepare for college hesitantly, with Durva hinting at skipping due to the home situation. Amidst the family turmoil, Ishaan reflects on his childhood with Chinmay, hidden memories surfacing in the form of a photograph. Savi, concerned for Ishaan’s well-being, tends to his injuries, only to be rebuffed when he redirects her focus to her studies. Reeva, displaying concern, also attends to Ishaan’s wounds, provoking jealousy in Savi as she watches from the sidelines.

Upcoming GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Twists:

The escalating conflict between Ishaan, Chinmay, and the family exposes deep-seated tensions and unresolved issues, leaving the household on edge and relationships strained. As the repercussions of Chinmay’s actions reverberate through their lives, the family grapples with the fallout, uncertain of what the future holds. Chinmay brings a storm into Savi’s life. He enters the Bhosle family with evil intentions of breaking their unity. He wants to ruin them, but Savi becomes a hurdle in his path. Will Savi’s efforts for the family cost her a lot? Keep reading for GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update.

GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update Chinmay storms

GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update Chinmay storms:

Surekha requests Yashwant to call Chinmay once again. Chinmay sees the incoming call and doesn’t take it. He makes the tea for himself at the tea stall. He then finds time to take the call. He says that Yashwant loves Ishaan and calls him because Ishaan got hurt. Yashwant scolds him for beating Ishaan. Chinmay asks if Yashwant doesn’t care for his son. Surekha asks Chinmay if he is okay. Chinmay says that he has written a letter to her, but she ignored it. He asks her not to do any drama. She pleads with him. She asks him to come home. Chinmay agrees to come home for her sake. She is delighted. He keeps a condition. He says that he wants to sell the land because it’s his property share.

Yashwant says that the land doesn’t belong to Chinmay. Chinmay fights with him for the piece of land, that was given to him by Yashwant’s father. He says that he will snatch his right from Yashwant. He challenges Yashwant to stop him if he can. Yashwant asks him to leave the city and get lost. Chinmay agrees to leave, once he takes his right and sells the land. He proposes a deal. He says that if Yashwant gives him the land, then he will never show his face to him. He wants to get rid of a poisonous relationship. Yashwant bears his hatred. He refuses to give up the land. Chinmay says that he will stay in the city and ruin Yashwant’s name until he gets what he wants. He wants to stay as stubborn as his dad. Yashwant rebukes him and asks him to stop blackmailing him. Yashwant lectures Surekha and angrily breaks the phone. He says that Chinmay has come for revenge.

Yashwant warns Surekha:

He says that Ishaan shouldn’t know about Chinmay’s demand, or else he will fulfill it to get Chinmay home. She reminds him that Chinmay is his son. He tells that Chinmay isn’t his son but just a paining wound, that will hurt him forever. He feels they have to bear the punishment of having a bad son. Savi suspects someone’s presence in the show. She sees a shadow and goes to catch the thief. She catches the thief and asks him to reveal his identity. She is stunned to see Shikha. Shikha weeps and hugs Savi. Savi consoles her. She asks where did she go by hiding from the family. She wants to know why Shikha lied to her. Ishaan tells Reeva about Chinmay’s matter. He doesn’t know when Chinmay came back and why.

GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update Chinmay storms

He is afraid to see Chinmay’s anger and hatred. Shikha admits that she had gone to meet Chinmay, but she can’t tell the family anything. She regrets that Chinmay is pressurizing her to sign the divorce papers. She wants to keep her marriage. She says that she has tried to convince Chinmay, but he refused. She wants to do a wife’s duty towards him if given a chance to keep her marriage vows. She shares her sorrow with Savi and weeps. She doesn’t want to lose her identity.

Reeva’s suggestion to Ishaan:

Ishaan is clueless about Yashwant’s anger. He tells Reeva that he will find out the matter. Reeva suggests that Ishaan takes Surekha along with him when he meets Chinmay. She feels Surekha can convince Chinmay, or at least he reveals the problem that is keeping him away from the family. Shikha admits that she loves Chinmay and can’t live without him. Savi finds Shikha a dedicated wife. She recalls Ishaan. Shikha asks Savi if she can break her marriage with Ishaan, and if she will leave the house when Harini recovers. Savi gets speechless. She doesn’t answer. She asks why doesn’t Chinmay want to come back home.

Shikha has no answers. She says that Surekha just assures her of Chinmay’s return, but Yashwant and Chinmay have issues between them. She adds that Chinmay has threatened her with dire consequences if she doesn’t divorce him. She doesn’t find a way to keep her marriage. She wants her husband to come back into her life. Savi runs her mind to help Shikha. She says that there is a way to bring Chinmay home and get their answers. Shikha says that Chinmay will never agree. Savi is confident that he will come back.

GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update Chinmay storms

GHKKPM 13th April 2024 Written Update Episode Highlights:

1. Surekha urges Yashwant to call Chinmay, who initially ignores the call but later agrees to come home upon her insistence.
2. Chinmay demands his share of property from Yashwant, leading to a heated confrontation about ownership of the land.
3. Yashwant refuses to give in to Chinmay’s demands, leading to Chinmay’s threat to ruin Yashwant’s reputation if he doesn’t comply.
4. Yashwant sees Chinmay’s return as a form of revenge and feels burdened by having a troublesome son.
5. Savi catches Shikha and discovers her troubles, including Chinmay pressuring her to divorce him.
6. Shikha admits her love for Chinmay and her desire to save their marriage despite his threats.
7. Reeva suggests Ishaan take Surekha along to meet Chinmay to resolve the family’s issues.
8. Shikha confides in Savi about her dilemma and seeks her help in reconciling with Chinmay, expressing doubts about Surekha’s assurances.
9. Savi proposes a plan to bring Chinmay back and address their concerns, offering hope for reconciliation with Shikha’s support.

Episode Review: 4/5

There’s drama as Chinmay asks for land from Yashwant, causing a fight. Meanwhile, Shikha wants to fix her marriage with Savi’s help. But with family problems and personal issues, finding a solution isn’t easy.

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