Anupama 14th April 2024 Full Written Update Surprised Anu

Anupama 14th April 2024 Full Written Update Surprised Anu

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Anupama 14th April 2024 Full Written Update Anuj’s help. Anupama performs the aarti at Paritosh’s house. Hasmukh and Leela encourage Anupama and wish her all the best for her battle. Leela asks the family members to finish the packing. She sees Anupama reading the diary. She feeds the food to Anupama with love. Anupama asks Pakhi where she is going. Pakhi tells that she is going to the parlor for waxing. Vanraj asks Paritosh to go with Pakhi. She refuses to take anyone along. She says that she wants to go alone. Ishani stops Pakhi. Pakhi lectures Ishani on her looks. Ishani tells her that she is feeling shivering. Anupama checks Ishani and tells her that she is suffering from a fever. Pakhi asks Ishani to take medicines from Dimpy.

She feels irritated by Ishani. Anupama scolds Pakhi for being a bad mother. Pakhi says that she will not be crazy for her child. Anupama asks her why she kept Ishani away from Adhik when she isn’t a good mother. Vanraj also thinks Adhik loves Ishani more. Pakhi argues with them and tells them they have a problem with her all the time. Everyone wishes Anupama, and she leaves for the contest. Anuj is surprised when Aadhya apologizes to him. Shruti too feels sorry. Aadhya and Shruti sing and convince Anuj to forgive them. Shruti tells him that Aadhya does stupid things in anger.

He says that he is also a human and he is trying to fix things, he doesn’t become a bad dad if he fails in handling his sorrow, he needs time and doesn’t want anyone to force him. On the other hand, Anupama learns about the second round of the competition. She is worried about knowing the time limits and rules. Anuj hopes someone helps Yashdeep and saves the restaurant. Anupama fears of falling into the danger zone. Anuj gets a message and goes to meet Chef Hitachi for his work. Anupama checks the secret ingredient box. She is provided with minimum ingredients. Keith tells Anupama that she will be out of the show soon.

Anupama 14th April 2024 Full Written Update Surprised Anu

Anuj reaches the venue and learns that the Superstar Chef competition is going on. He looks for Chef Wong. He goes and hears Chef Keith asking Anupama to quit. He thinks of helping Anupama. Anupama hurriedly cooks the dish. Anuj watches her struggles.

Anuj helps Anupama:

Keith says that anyone can run a cooking channel, but being a professional chef is different, Anupama will be out of the show if she fails to prepare the dish in the specified time. He wants a beautiful presentation. Anupama fails to open a sweetener box with one hand. She prepares halwa. She struggles with the task. She thinks of getting help. She finds Anuj sitting in the audience. She is surprised. Anuj asks her to just come to him. He opens the can for her. He asks her to rush. She thanks him. She rushes back and drops the can on the floor. The timer beeps. Anupama fears elimination. Keith tells her that she can’t touch the dish when the time is over. She says that she is just picking up the can and keeping it on the table to respect food.

Pakhi falls in Arush’s trap:

Pakhi and Arush meet in a hotel room. He cooks up a sad story to fool her. She falls in his words. He asks her if she has the money. She says that she has got some jewelry. She hands over the gold and asks him to set up her business soon. He agrees to fulfill her dreams. He says that they shall celebrate her success in advance. Anupama presents the dish and explains about it. She gets nervous because the dish preparation isn’t as complete as it should have. She says that Mohan Thaal is a sweet dish, which is Kanha’s favorite. Keith asks her not to make it an Indian show. He suggests that she explain herself in English. Anuj steps forward to explain and answer the judges.


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